Drinkers Fill Up Laundry Machine With Beer During Bar Promotion

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

A Toronto bar offered beer to anyone with container, and a creative genius brought a laundry machine to the promotion.

The pandemic is rearing its ugly head again, and Canadian bars struggle to get folks back. So why not fill a laundry machine with beer? BroBible picked up on this beer promotion and ran it through the wash.

A Toronto bar named Farside was stuck with a batch of almost-expired beer, and they asked for help. They did it in a creative style, offering to fill up any container a drinker would bring in while for a cheaper price. It was for a limited time, of course.

Beer Drinkers Take Advantage

Well, some beer drinkers nearby jumped at the opportunity. They put a couple of garbage bags into a portable washing machine, got some blood orange IPA, and ended up with four pitchers-worth of the stuff. 

I’m just glad they used plastic bags. It likely wouldn’t have been the best idea to just fill the container right up with beer.

Before you start thinking these beer drinkers lugged a massive Maytag or GE washer to the bar, know that wasn’t the case. It’s much smaller than your standard washing machine, as it looked like they carried it with ease.

Check out the video with the righteous dance club music.


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♬ Sandstorm (Original Radio Version) – Darule

These bar patrons made quick work and were out in no time at all. Hopefully it was worth it.

Craft Beer Prices May Surge Soon 

All of us craft beer drinkers may be taking our portable washing machines to load up on beer soon due to a possible craft beer shortage.

Many craft brewers depend on aluminum cans. The metal is usually cheaper than glass bottles. 

One Illinois brewer said he needed cans, but had to get them wholesale because larger distributors may choose not to do business with the small breweries. Their minimum orders for cans can be anywhere between 200,000 and a million. 

Great Revivalist Brew Lab owner Scott Lehnert told WQAD that he goes through two to three pallets of cans a month. The Geneseo brewer uses about 14,000 to 21,000 cans roughly during that time.

Lehnert said wholesalers are raising their prices and that’s having an effect on sales.

Beer worker shortages, in general, may also become more widespread in 2022.

One company, GXO Logistics, supplies the popular Heineken beer. Workers at that company are demanding better wages and accurate paychecks. They intend on sending Heineken beer to 20,000 clubs, bars, and restaurants. A new payroll system has caused payment issues for almost 2,000 workers over the past nine months. If that keeps up, the company’s 2022 plans could be in jeopardy.