Barrett Davis Announces His Album ‘The Ballad of Aesop Fin’ With a New Single Featuring Woody Platt

by Clayton Edwards

Barrett Davis hails from Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, and is the perfect example of a musician who is dedicated to his craft. For years, Davis chased his dream of making country and bluegrass music. However, with a family to support, he put down his guitar and picked up a hammer. Now, after years as a carpenter, he has decided to dust off his instrument, oil up his vocal cords, and get back to making music.

About this transition, Barrett Davis said, “I just came to this serious point in my life where I realized that if I want to make music and perform, then it’s now or never. I’ve got to make something of it.” So, he made an album. The Ballad of Aesop Fin hits record store shelves and streaming services on October 7th.

Barrett Davis on The Ballad of Aesop Fin

Growing up in a musical household in the hills of Appalachia, Barrett Davis had a deep pool of influences to draw from. His father played blues guitar, his mother played classical piano, and his sister is an opera singer. Barrett, though, traces his musical roots back to the land that raised him. “I stuck with bluegrass and carpentry,” he said. “There was just something about bluegrass, folk, and mountain music that has always called to me, conjuring something from real deep inside me that I haven’t been able to shake since I first heard it.”

During his hiatus from music, Barrett Davis worked construction and started his own construction company. He said that he drew inspiration for his songs from the job site. “Eight years of carpentry was draining, where it was a lot like working in a kitchen. On the job site, there’s a lot of old man emotions getting thrown around that none of us would ever talk about,” he recalled. “Hearing all those stories? It just fed me all kinds of song material. It was like therapy for me to filter out someone’s traumatic experience they told me, and to learn something about myself within the process.”


You can hear the bluegrass influence clearly in the first single from Barrett Davis’ upcoming album. Sonically, “Quiver” delivers that classic string band feel with a little added percussion. Additionally, Davis enlisted former Steep Canyon Rangers vocalist Woody Platt to sing harmonies on this track. Hear his high lonesome lead single below.

Lyrically, the single tells the story of two young lovers finding their way through a forbidden attraction. Barrett Davis said the characters in the song are, “Crushing social boundaries and overcoming their fear of achieving true freedom through passion and determination.”

About the song, Davis said, “It can stand as a show of support to all who find their love lives to be under the restraint of societal norms or religious condemnation.”

You can pre-order or pre-save your copy of The Ballad of Aesop Fin here.