‘BBQ Karen’ Calls Police on North Carolina Restaurant for Serving ‘Pink Meat’

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Little Hand Images

There’s no doubt we, as Americans, have different schools of thought and opinions when it comes to all things BBQ. We could also bet our bottom dollar that no other country invests the same time, energy, and care into mastering the art of the grill. So when one BBQ restaurant owner was accused of serving a customer “pink meat,” the owner couldn’t help but stick up for themselves. 

It’s a well-known fact that the US is home to several defined regions with their unique spin on BBQ. From Memphis to Texas to Kansas City to the Carolinas, these regional areas have their own approach to the cuisine. However, one technique remains the same across the country: the low and slow method. With this, a cut of meat, like brisket, ribs, or even whole hogs, spends at least eight hours on a smoker. It may seem like an eternity of waiting, but it will prove to be worth it after you taste that signature, wood-fired flavor in the meat. 

As Lincoln Riley knows, barbeque buffs can be an extremely critical group. With this, any pit master needs to have thick skin if you want to compete with the best— a pined-over category that includes Clyde Cooper’s Barbeque. The spot has been open in Raleigh, North Carolina, since 1938.

Across the nation, the BBQ staple is widely regarded as one of the best of the best. However, it turns out they may have lost one customer for good. 

Recently, a patron went viral after trying to file one of the most dim-witted complaints with the police. 

Customer flips her lid over properly-cooked BBQ

Even those vaguely familiar with the art of BBQ know that one of the characteristics is the hallmark pink color. Unfortunately, however, some will refuse to eat meat with the slightest pink color due to long-debunked health concerns. 

If you’re a member of that group, BBQ restaurants probably aren’t for you. However, for one woman, it didn’t keep her from entering Clyde Cooper’s. Once there, she created some of the most face-palming drama we’ve ever seen. 

In a subsequent Facebook post, the restaurant summed up the incident, revealing the patron not only called the police to complain about getting pink meat at a BBQ spot but made the questionable decision to leave a one-star review online in a wild display of arrogant ignorance. Check out the post below if you don’t believe us. 

They wrote: “Well this is a new level. A lady called the POLICE because she said her bbq wasn’t “done” because it was pink. After an extensive amount of explaining that SMOKED pork bbq turns pink in some parts, she still said it needed to be cooked. We gave her some chicken and let her keep her “uncooked” pork plate… Lord help us all.”