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Real-Life ‘Glow’ Wrestler Beckie Mullen Dead at 55

by Jacklyn Krol
Glow wrestler Beckie Mullen death
Emma McIntyre, Getty Images

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling wrestler Beckie “Sally The Farmer’s Daughter” Mullen has passed away at 55-years-old. Mullen was one of the original members of GLOW in 1986. GLOW has seen an increase in popularity due to the Netflix series with the same name.

Beckie Mullen’s Passing

Former wrestler, Dana “Thunderbolt” Felton Howard, told USA Today that Mullen was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer back in October. “None of her fans and even many friends were not aware what was going on,” she revealed.

The GLOW Original Cast Twitter account paid tribute to their former teammate. “RIP to a GLOW Original,” they wrote. “It is with a sad heart that we share the passing of Beckie Mullen (Sally The Farmers Daughter) to our GLOW family. She was a spark of energy and will be missed much by her friends and fans.”

Reactions to the Death of Beckie Mullen

Howard confirmed her passing on Facebook and released a statement on behalf of Mullen’s mother. “She is so thankful and grateful to everybody who adored her daughter as much as she did,” she wrote. “Beckie had a son and a daughter and had just recently become a grandma. She was overjoyed. Beckie was in a lot of pain and suffering greatly. Her mom is very happy that she is now without pain in a better place.”

“Beckie was way too young to leave this Earth but like I always say Beckie was a big star,” the statement continued. “Beckie was bigger than this world can handle. So she’s off to greater places.”

One of Mullen’s former opponents, Jeanne “Hollywood” Basone, also wrote a touching Facebook post. “Very Sad news Glow Fans,” she began. “I did want to confirm with you all that Beckie Mullen a.k.a. Sally the farmer’s daughter did indeed pass last night. I spoke with Thunderbolt who just came back from visiting Becky’s mother.”

Basone plans on creating a memorial fund as well as holding a memorial for Mullen. “I’m going to set up a memorial fund for her please standby,” she added. “I will make sure that her mother receives it. Both Dana Felton Howard Thunderbolt and I will do a special memorial in August. Thoughts and prayers to her family in this time!!❤️ Becky will be missed but her beautiful smile and spirit will live on forever.”