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Bette Midler Proclaims Joe Biden Won Final Presidential Debate ‘By a Mile’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Mark Sagliocco/WireImage)

In a series of post-debate tweets, Bette Midler lets loose on everything from her winner of the debate, to what she thinks of President Trump.

At its very core, Twitter is a place for anyone to voice their opinions. Any average Joe may do so. The platform, however, has become synonymous with celebrities. And their opinions.

As such, Bette Midler further solidifies her support for Joe Biden in a series of hard-hitting tweets. Midler is “all-in” for the former Vice President and Democratic party nominee. But how in is she? The actress and singer prefaces the final 2020 debate with the following: “Debate tonight! Damn, what I wouldn’t give to be the one who opens the trap door that drops #porky into the piranha pool beneath the stage!!”

By the time the debate is over, it’s “no contest” for Midler who’s won. “Joe Biden by a mile!” She exclaims. “No contest. Cogent, patient & so smart, alongside the dimmest bulb in the pack. What an awful man, & what a horrible presidency. His name will live in infamy. Which reminds me…is StephenMiller dead? Over 540 children will never see their families again.”

Bette Midler Trashes President Trump on Twitter

Then, NY Times immigration reporter Caitlin Dickerson weighs in with a statement backed up by her career.

Once she does, Midler is fast to join in with the boisterous labeling of the current president. “It’s an absolute horror,” she replies. “And it’s all the fault of a stupid, racist criminal. Sadly, we will be studying this presidency for decades to come. A national black eye.”

In addition, best-selling author Mikel Jollett weighs in with another fiery opinion of President Trump. When he does, Midler is quick to match it. “Because his most essential personality trait, is that he is a habitual and sociopathic liar,” she sparks. “Like nothing you’ve ever seen,” she quotes the President. “Literally.”

This isn’t her first foray into outspoken Twitterness, either. During the Vice Presidential Debate, Midler absolutely unleashed on VP Mike Pence. And as long as the platform exists, she – and the President – are very unlikely to give it up.