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Bette Midler Reacts to Donald Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis, Following Her Animated Rant During Debate

by Josh Lanier
Photo by Mark Sagliocco/WireImage/Getty Images

Bette Midler blasted President Donald Trump on Twitter following the announcement that he and First Lady Melania Trump had contracted COVID-19. Her outburst follows a similar incident earlier this week when the 74-year-old actress went after Donald Trump during the first presidential debate.

“Gee, woke up this morning to learn Donald and Melania have tested positive for Covid-19. How can a HOAX infect anyone? That’s a new one on me. I’m sure he’s taking the Clorox cocktail, but it’s so unpleasant. Thoughts and prayers,” the “Hocus Pocus” star tweeted.

Midler’s claim that Trump called COVID-19 a hoax was debunked by the Associated Press. However, he has downplayed the severity of the virus multiple times, NPR says.

She also commented on a tweet that seemed to imply the president could be lying about the diagnosis. That tweet read “My First Thought Too #ShowUsTheTest.” Midler replied, “You may have something there.”

Bette Midler slams Trump during the first debate

Midler is no stranger to politics. She’s been a vocal supporter of former Vice President Joe Biden. She’s also an outspoken critic of Trump.

During their first debate earlier this week, Midler began to trend on Twitter as her anger bubbled over at the showing. She slammed the president and moderator Chris Wallace for the constant interruptions and cheered on Biden.

“Take off the gloves, #Joe,” she began. “Slug him hard a few times, for the 206,000 dead AND the living, for all the fallen soldiers he’s maligned, for all the innocent people he’s called rapists, for #PuertoRico, for women, for the planet, burning in front of our eyes, and for the future.”

Midler compared the two candidates’ performance with Biden coming out on top in her assessment. “Donald Trump is utterly disgusting and Chris Wallace is a wuss,” she said. “Joe Biden is a gentleman. Too bad, when dealing with a cornered rat.”

Her page was inundated with Trump supporters and Republicans calling her out and telling her to stick to acting. But she has been politically active and engaged for years so her fans knew to expect the passion. Many of them cheered her on and tried to shout down the backlash.