Bette Midler Sparks Uproar Over Controversial Nashville Explosion Comments

by Suzanne Halliburton

Bette Midler, the award-winning actress and singer and noted right-wing critic, caused a stir Wednesday with one of her tweets.

This time, the topic was the Nashville bombing and news about the suspect, who police say died in the blast.

Midler posted on Twitter:

“The Nashville terrorist’s neighbor says there were no ‘red flags’ about the guy. Meanwhile, I’m at the point where I’m automatically suspicious of every older white guy. I made my husband show me his ID & walk through a metal detector before I let him in our room last night.”

Bette Midler Was Joking, We Think

Obviously, it was a classic Better Midler attempt at a joke. No one actually believes she carded her husband and installed a metal detector in the master bedroom.

However, there were many folks who agreed with Bette Midler and her tweet.

Here’s what Bette Midler didn’t mention about suspected bomber Anthony Walker.

News broke this week that a woman saying she was Anthony Warner’s girlfriend informed police her boyfriend was building bombs in his RV. “The Tennessean” reported the woman’s attorney called Nashville police last August to tell them his client was threatening suicide.

Police went to the woman’s home. It was there that she reportedly told them about the alleged bomb making.

Police went to Warner’s home. He wouldn’t let them in his house. Because they had no evidence of a crime being committed, police couldn’t come in. The FBI did a check of its databases and didn’t see Warner mentioned.

Authorities believe Warner built a large bomb in his RV and parked it in downtown Nashville. It blew up early Christmas morning. The blast injured three people and damaged more than 40 buildings, as well as taking down AT&T cell phone service throughout the state. The authorities found human remains at the scene. They matched Warner’s DNA.

Suspected Bomber Reportedly Believed in Bizarre Conspiracy Theory

Also on Wednesday, NBC News reported a possible motive for the bombing. Two senior law enforcement officials told NBC that authorities are investigating whether Walker believed in “lizard people” and a “reptilian conspiracy.”

Believers in this theory think a number of famous people actually were lizards sent to earth and are responsible for tragedies worldwide. This theory intersects with others out there because it believes Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack and Michelle Obama were involved in the lizard conspiracy. Others included Bob Hope, the beloved entertainer who died in 2003, and pop singer Justin Bieber, the heartthrob of so many teens and tweens.

Social Media Supported Bette Midler

So now back to Bette Midler and her tweet. Here’s a sampling of the reaction to it:

“You are national treasure Ms Midler. Thank you for all you do for our country and our planet,” one user responded.

“But a former girlfriend told authorities a few years ago that he was building explosive devices in the RV. When will people start listening to women,” another commented.

“His girlfriend at the time tried to tell the police and she was committed for being ‘hysterical’. I would be too if my man was building bombs!?!”