Beyond Meat to Launch New Meatless Burger Says it Tastes More Like Real Beef

by Madison Miller

Beyond Meat is looking to take its meatless burger to a whole new level beyond what consumers are used to. Shelves will be stocked with an even-better Beyond Meat patty reimagined starting next week.

The plant-based product company is responding to a wave of people looking for meat alternatives. There has been a 28% increase in plant-based meat alternatives in the last year, according to Nielsen.

Beyond Meat New Burger Formula

The company announced that a new plant-based burger will be replacing its previous one. This new recipe is supposed to be an even closer imitation of animal beef.

According to CNN Business, Beyond Meat has taken out mung beans from the older recipe. This is a type of legume that is high in protein. However, the new recipe includes different vitamins and minerals as well. All of the changes are intended to make the product taste as similar to ground beef as possible.

The calories have also gone down in the process. Instead of consuming 260 calories from one patty, consumers are now getting 230. There is also 14 grams of fat instead of 18 grams.

Stores are getting the products next week, but restaurants that serve Beyond Meat are getting the product in June.

The company is not working alone. It has recently started working with PepsiCo. The two are creating snacks and drinks that have a type of plant-based protein. In addition, Beyond Meat works with McDonald’s and YUM Brands.

Meanwhile, fast-food restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell are all experimenting with Beyond Meat on their menu. Taco Bell is testing out a “Cravetarian” Taco, which is made with plant-based meat for vegans. Pizza Hut had the Beyond Meat pizza option in the winter.

Carl’s Jr. is also testing out products partnered with the meatless alternative company.

The Popularity of Plant-Based Meat

More and more restaurants, fast-food establishments, and grocery stores are starting to see plant-based products sell off the shelves.

While fast-food has been the slowest to progress, the initiatives are there.

According to Vox, the Plant Based Food Association and the Good Food Institute have calculated that in 2020 plant-based food retail sales grew 27% and 15% in the total U.S. retail food market.

The plant-based meat sales grew 45% and plant-based milk sales were up by 20%. Despite these large numbers, more than 99% of the meat the U.S. consumes comes from animals. However, more and more people are showing an interest in the meatless alternatives that are constantly being redefined and reimagined.

Those who are between 35 and 44 are buying these products the most. Companies are starting to use the phrase “plant-based” more frequently instead of vegetarian or vegan. Studies are showing that either of these words on a product makes someone less likely to purchase the item.