Biden Administration Requests $26 Billion for NASA, $7.5 Billion to Keep Moon Program on Track

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Gregg Newton / AFP) (Photo by GREGG NEWTON/AFP via Getty Images)

The Biden administration is asking Congress to approve a $2.7 billion budget increase for NASA. The extra funding would give the Artemis moon program $7.5 billion—$1.1 billion more than currently allocated—so it can keep its goal of reaching the moon in 2025.

At a Glance

  • The Biden administration on Monday proposed a budget increase for NASA in 2023.
  • The money would go towards multiple space and Earth-based missions.
  • The increase, if approved, would be the largest for NASA in history.

The Biden Administration Hopes to Help NASA Advance Space Exploration and Understand Climate Change

With a total budget of $26 billion, the increase would be an 8% jump from last year. And, if approved, it would be the largest request for science in the space agency’s history.

“Greater than a number, statistic, or fact is what the President’s budget request represents,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said on Monday.

Aside from the Artemis project, the request also gives $1.042 billion to Internation Space Station (ISS) operations, with the understanding that NASA will extend its partnership through 2030. Another $1.642 billion goes towards the SpaceX commercial crew and the SpaceX Dragon and Northrop Grumman cargo ships, which deliver supplies and equipment to ISS.

It also sets aside another $2.4 billion for Earth System Observatory. The set of four Earth missions aims to study the impacts of climate change. And $480 goes towards the building of a moon rover. That robot would study ice deposits in the permanently shadowed craters near the moon’s south pole.

Scientists believe that NASA could use the ice as a source of rocket propellant, air, and water. If the study goes as planned, it could reduce the cost of deep space exploration.

The proposal also includes $822 million to further develop a Mars return mission. While there, NASA would once again collect martian soil and rock samples and bring them back to Earth. And the remaining funds would help the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope and efforts to study the immediate aftermath of the big bang.

The Budget Proposal is a ‘Signal of Support’ For NASA’s Continuous Efforts

“This budget reflects the Biden-Harris Administration’s confidence in the extraordinary workforce that makes NASA the best place to work in the federal government,” Nelson continued. “It’s an investment in the businesses and universities that partner with NASA in all 50 states and the good-paying jobs they are creating. It’s a signal of support for our missions in a new era of exploration and discovery.”

The administration handed the request to Congress on Monday as part of the 2023 fiscal year budget proposal.