Biden Speaks Out After Falling Off Bike at the Beach

by TK Sanders

President Biden spoke publicly about his tumble off of his bike over the weekend while vacationing in his home state of Delaware. The President, who is almost 80 years old, fell off his bike in front of a group of reporters. The video of the fall has since gone viral many times over.

At a glance

  • President Biden fell off of his bike while on vacation this past weekend, to the delight of his political detractors
  • In a follow-up comment, Biden explained that his foot got stuck in the pedal strap
  • A couple months ago, Republicans got another laugh at Biden’s expense when a bird allegedly pooped on him in Iowa during a speech

“I’m feeling great. I’m feeling great,” Biden told reporters while taking a walk on the beach with his family and friends. “I fell, in case you didn’t notice,” he said, trying to make light of the gaffe. “I was fine.” Biden then blamed the fall on his feet getting stuck in the bike’s pedals.

More importantly, though, is that the fall was just another bit of negative press for the President, who currently oversees some of the highest inflation rates and worst approval ratings in American history.

“What happened was — do any of you guys ride bikes?” Biden said Monday, as reported by the New York Post. “Well, they have, some of them have this thing you put your toe in that restrains your foot so it doesn’t slide off the pedal. Well, I was getting off the bike. It got stuck on the right side.”

Biden is already the oldest man to ever serve as President of the United States. Most pundits believe that he will not run for re-election. President Biden often speaks in sentence fragments and has stumbled while exiting Air Force One at least three times. Detractors claim that he is in mental and cognitive decline, but it will be up to Democrats to decide whether they want to back him for re-election in 2024.

President Biden seems to face a funny, filmed moment every few weeks

President Biden suffered another public embarrassment back in April during a speech in Iowa; though that one wasn’t his fault. While speaking on a corn farm in Iowa, Biden caught a massive bird poop on the lapel of his coat on television.

“I’m here today to talk about what we’re doing to lower costs for American families. And to put rural America at the center of our efforts to build a future that’s made in America,” the president said as the bird pooped on him. “That’s not hyperbole!”

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield tried to spin the poop as a piece of corn that landed on him.

“If you guys knew your way around a corn silo at all, you’d know it was corn,” Bedingfield said. Bloomberg White House correspondent Justin Sink agreed, tweeting: “it was bits of corn flying around from the corn silo; the event was indoors.”

Conservative website The Daily Caller shared the video on Twitter, where it received over two million views in the first day. “A bird pooped on Joe Biden during a speech in Iowa. He’s probably gonna blame Putin, isn’t he?” the account wrote.