Bigfoot Sleuths Believe Creature Was Spotted Near Mount St. Helens

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: David Wall via Getty Images)

Recently, a Washington resident found evidence of the elusive bigfoot near Mount Saint Helens in Washington state. People have been seeing the creature and evidence of it in the area for hundreds of years. The latest evidence comes in the form of massive footprints near the volcanic mountain.

A woman named Jennifer Powell O’Neal posted photos of the footprints along with her account in the “Washington Bigfoot” Facebook group. O’Neal said that she was driving near Mr. St. Helens and saw footprints on the side of the road. So, she stopped to investigate. O’Neal added that she had to climb a little in order to get close enough to get a good look at the prints. She snapped photos of her foot, wearing a size 8 men’s shoe, and her hand beside the prints. Additionally, she used a piece of floss to measure them. The footprints were a whopping 21.5 inches long.

It seems that O’Neal is an experienced bigfoot investigator. She knew what to look for to make sure the prints were legit. First, she said she looked for signs that the prints were part of a manmade prank. However, she concluded, “…it would have been impossible to have made them with no [human] footprints leading up.” Additionally, she looked for claw marks like those found in bear prints and found none.

O’Neal added that the fact that her stepdad, who is a non-believer was with her. So, that made this bigfoot evidence even more exciting for her.

Bigfoot Lurks in the Pacific Northwest

This isn’t Jennifer Powell O’Neal’s first bigfoot find in that area. In her post, she said that she snapped photos of prints in the same area a few years ago. Additionally, a few years before that, she and others heard calls while camping that could have come from the elusive creature.

O’Neal is far from the first to see signs of bigfoot near Mt. St. Helens. In fact, one of the oldest sightings of the creature comes from Ape Canyon, on the mountain’s eastern flank. In 1924, a group of gold prospectors reported that they dealt with a group of 7-foot-tall ape-like creatures in the canyon.

The group walked up on four of the creatures together in the woods. One of the prospectors opened fire on a bigfoot, hitting it several times and likely killing it. The beast toppled off a cliff. Then, they returned to their cabin in the area. That night, their lodging was pelted with large stones. Finally, the stones tore through the roof and managed to strike the prospector who had fired the shots.

The bigfoot army continued to hassle the prospectors until the sun came up the next morning. At that point, the creatures relented and the men broke camp and exited the woods, sharing their story with anyone who would listen. With that, the legend of the Ape Canyon Incident was born and so too was the PNW’s connection to the elusive creature.