Billy Ray Cyrus Shares Another ‘Mullet Monday’ Throwback Photo

by Will Shepard
(Photo by NBC / Contributor via Getty Images)

Billy Ray Cyrus took to Twitter to celebrate ‘Mullet Monday’ in an ode to his former mullet and song, “I Want My Mullet Back”. Cyrus shared a quote from the song to accompany the charming photo of him and his daughter, Miley Cyrus.

Rocking a mullet and a pair of jeans, the singer held his red-headed daughter in front of a wagon full of pumpkins.

Cyrus used the fall themed photo to show-off both his mullet and Miley’s outfit. In remembrance of his mullet and song from 2006, he tweeted that, “Things are changin’ man and that’s a fact. I want my mullet back.”

Cyrus took to Twitter yesterday to shout-out some of his fans who dressed as him for Halloween.

Cyrus complimented the style and creativity of these folks’ costumes. Following the post up with another picture of people dressed as the country icon, he lauded them as well.

Billy Ray Cyrus Joined by Miley Cyrus on ‘Mullet Monday’

As Cyrus nostalgically takes to social media to share these posts on his mullet, Miley has taken a liking to the mullet. Miley, on Joe Rogan’s podcast, said that she is, “pretty much one of the only chicks in L.A. with a mullet, so that gives me away also.”

Basically the most distinctive hair style today, the Cyrus’ have certainly become known for their bravado and good looking mullets.

Indeed, these costumes remind us of Cyrus’ days sporting a mullet. Perhaps down the line, we’ll get to see another chapter in Billy Ray’s illustrious career adorned with a mullet. Although Cyrus is now rocking his long hair, there is certainly potential we see a return to the mullet.