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Billy Ray Cyrus Shares Sweet Family Photo on 1-Year Anniversary of Son’s Wedding

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by: Adam Christopher/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

On the one year anniversary of his son’s wedding, Billy Ray Cyrus posted a touching family photo to Twitter. Braison Cyrus, Billy Ray’s son, married Stella McBride on November 3 of 2019. The two currently live in Nashville where Braison acts and composes music.

The couple married a year ago near the Cyrus family home. The wedding was almost entirely a family affair, although Miley Cyrus brought Cody Simpson, her fling at the time. It seems like the reception was also a casual family affair with only members of the Cyrus family and a few friends showing up.

“My baby brother got married on the most stunning sunny Tennessee day standing on top of the same hills where we grew up playin,” Miley said of Braison on Instagram.

Braison Cyrus Career

Braison took after his father to an extent, taking on acting and music. Right now, he has three singles out: “Heart is Gold,” “I’ll Never Leave You,” and “Glass Between Us.” As an actor, Braison is known for his work in the 2016 film Heels. He also made a few appearances as a child actor on Disney’s Hannah Montana and the film Doc.

Billy Ray Throwing it Back

Billy Ray Cyrus has been making his way back into mainstream music recently. Starting with his collaboration with Lil Nas X last year, he has built some momentum. The hit single “Old Town Road” broke the record for most consecutive weeks with 17 in a row. The new genre of ‘country rap’ has grown significantly in popularity of late.

This is not the last time Billy Ray Cyrus has blended his country music with hip hop. In his new EP, The Singin’ Hills Sessions- Mojave, Cyrus covers LL Cool J’s classic song titled “Mama Said Knock You Out”. This classic hip hop song dropped in 1992, the same year Cyrus released his hit song “Achy Breaky Heart.” Billy Ray Cyrus seems to be into the throwback trend these days. On Monday, he posted another ‘Mullet Monday‘ picture, throwing it back to his late ’80s to early ’90s look.