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Bird Carrying What Looks to Be Shark Video Goes Viral

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Alex Steyn / Unsplash)

The Internet is going nuts after a video surfaced showing what appears to be a bird flying around with a shark in its talons. Beachgoers in South Carolina likened the experience to “Sharknado” in real life.

The clip was filmed in Myrtle Beach on June 22 by Tennessee native Ashley White. She caught the incredible footage from the 17th floor of the building where she was staying, according to CBS News.

The clip shows an eagle-like bird flying over Myrtle Beach clutching its sizable catch. The shark-looking creature wiggles and attempts to escape, however, its efforts were in vain. The Tracking Sharks Twitter account shared the footage asking its followers if anyone could identify the species of bird. Moreover, the account asked whether or not the sea creature was a shark.

Since posting on social media, the video racked up tens of millions of views. The Asylum, the studio behind “Sharknado,” also shared the tweet. “How many of you knew a sharknado was coming next?” the studio wrote.

Since surfacing on social media, the video sparked an online debate. Many viewers offered opinions claiming the bird is an eagle, condor, or osprey. “Definitely an Osprey – it takes a lot of power to lift up some of the large fish out of the water the way they do – amazing birds,” one social media user wrote.

After posting the video on social media, Twitter users took to the comments to share their reactions. Check out some of the hilarious fan responses below:

The experts weighed identifying the bird of prey as an osprey. However, the experts say the shark is actually a ladyfish. In addition to claims that the fish is a ladyfish, others speculated that the fish may be an Atlantic Spanish Mackerel.

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