Blue Angels Wow North Carolina Viewers with Intricate Acrobatics at Marine Corps Air Show: VIDEO

by Quentin Blount

The Navy Blue Angels are known for putting on incredible displays of acrobatics. And they did so once again at Cherry Point Air Station in North Carolina.

The commanding officer at Cherry Point Air Station, Colonel Mikel Huber, is excited to bring the fan-favorite event back in front of a live audience. The event was not able to be held last year thanks to restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. But this year brought in thousands of people to celebrate the 80th anniversary with an air show.

“We’re super excited to open the gates, bring the community in, and show them what the Marine Corps, Naval Aviation, and all of our other aviation acts are all about,” he said.

Air show enthusiast Henry Kyle was present at the Blue Angels air show. He spoke to WITN News afterward about how patriotism was at an all-time high during the show. We can see why — after more than a year of celebration, people had every reason to be outside and pumped up about seeing the Blue Angels once again.

“Every man, woman, and child here today on the flight line, the level of patriotism is through the roof,” he said. “It’s as high as a kite, all the way to the stars.”

The official Twitter account for CBS News posted the clip online showcasing some of the incredible aerial displays for all of us to enjoy. Take a look down below:

“WATCH: The Navy’s Blue Angels perform their aerial acrobatics during this weekend’s Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Air Show in North Carolina.”

Users on Twitter Happy to see the Blue Angels Back in Action

As you can imagine, after a year of waiting for the Blue Angels to perform again, everyone on social media is just as excited as the lucky individuals who were there in person.

“So proud of my cousin’s husband,” one person wrote. “As he is the commander of the Blue Angels. They are a group of talented pilots.”

A talented group of pilots they are indeed. There is no question that it takes a crazy amount of teamwork and chemistry to be able to do the incredible things that the Blue Angels do.

“Miss that annual show at that marine air station,” another person said. “Of course I was based there during my time in the service.”

Meanwhile, fans weren’t the only people happy that the Blue Angels are back. Ben Walborn, the commander of Blue Angel No. 5, spoke about how awesome it is to be back as well.

“It’s awesome for me!” he explained. “I grew up watching air shows as well. I was a little seven-year-old that looked up and saw these airplanes land back in the ’80s and I said, ‘I wanted to do that. It’s great!'”