Blue Origin Rocket Will Send First-Ever Father-Son Duo to Space Aboard Same Flight

by Madison Miller

Recently, we’ve witnessed a lot of “firsts” and other important milestones when it comes to space flight and exploration. William Shatner recently became the oldest man to reach space and 18-year-old Oliver Daemen was the youngest person in space. Jeff Bezos has been setting all the records he can as he launches his Blue Origin Space flight program.

First Parent and Child Duo in Space

Now, he’s looking to mark another first for space flight. Six people will launch into space on December 9. It will include the very first parent and child duo to ever go into space together. Lane Bess, a tech entrepreneur, and his son, Cameron, are currently undergoing training for the space event taking place.

Bess is known for creating Bess Ventures and Advisory. Meanwhile, Cameron is working as a content creator. He is a popular creator on Twitch and is also hoping that his journey into space can really connect with people watching. He specifically wants to send this important message to the LGBTQ community.

“I think them seeing somebody that’s like them doing something so monumental is exciting and inspiring. I just want the people out there who don’t feel cool to feel cool just for a second,” he said, according to CBS Miami. He will be taking a pride flag with him aboard the space rocket.

The duo will also be joined by four others. Two of which are considered honorary guests by Blue Origin. This includes Michael Strahan, former NFL star and current “GMA” co-anchor, as well as Laura Shepard Churchley, the daughter of Alan Shepard, the first American to walk on the moon.

That means the other passengers on the Blue Origin rocket had to pay for their spot. It’s unclear just how much it cost.

For Lane Bess, he already knows it’s going to be worth every penny and every moment. Not only is it a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it’s also a way to bond with his son.

“We’re all probably here just for instant, and especially in the total lifespan of the planet. You’ve just got to enjoy and experience as much as you can, and not let things on a daily basis bother you as much. For me, I’ll feel a sense of peace of mind and tranquility. It’s going to be an emotional thing,” Lane Bess said to Miami Herald.

Meanwhile, Michael Strahan has been the most active when it comes to talking about the future journey into space. He has spoken out about the rigorous training that comes with the experience while on “GMA.”

“I’ve done a lot of training camp — but this is definitely some training like no other down here,” Strahan said regarding his experience prepping for the Blue Origin New Shepard flight on Thursday.