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BMW Ending V12 Engine Production This Summer: Report

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Starting this summer, BMW will be building the last of its V12 engines. They’ve made the decision to work towards making their cars electric. The German automaker is just one of many luxury car brands that have consistently used V12 engines in the past. The engines are popular because of how powerful and smooth they are. However, automakers like BMW are discovering that those same qualities can be achieved using electric drivetrains, too. Going electric adds another popular feature to their engines: efficiency.

Of course, BMW is letting the V12 engine go out with an expensive bang. They’re offering a limited run of M760i xDrive Final V12 sedans. There will only be a dozen of the sedans available to buy. The cars will be equipped with 601 hp 6.6-liter V12 engines. They’ll cost a cool $200,995 and will come in any color that BMW has. The automaker will only allow certain customers to buy the last of the V12 cars, though. They even have a special list. Soon, auto dealerships will start reaching out to customers on the list to see if they’d like to reserve one of the last V12 cars. The list is comprised of customers that have a long history of buying V12-powered 7-Series cars from the company.

Even though BMW is doing away with the V12 engine this year, other brands owned by the company will continue to offer them. For example, Fox News reports that Rolls-Royce has no concrete plans to stop offering V12 cars. However, they have announced that they plan to go fully electric by 2030 at the latest.

BMW Among Car Brands Struggling With Disappearing 3G Networks

In other recent news, many automakers are experiencing issues with their cars amidst the removal of 3G networks. As 5G and 6G networks become popular, 3G has become obsolete. However, some cars still rely on the network for things like GPS and voice assistance. BMW is one of the affected brands, but they have yet to release any information on what to do with cars that are affected. They’ve kept it vague – the automaker will apparently be reaching out to owners individually. It’s safe to say that BMW owners can expect a trip to the dealership soon.

Different companies are ending their 3G networks at different times. To prepare for the 3G network shutdown, it’s essential to know which carrier your car uses. That way you can plan ahead to find alternatives for any in-car services that you use. Many automakers use AT&T’s 3G network, which will be shutting down in February. Honda, Nissan, and Volvo will all be affected. T-Mobile and Sprint will both shut down their networks by the summertime. Toyota and Lexus both use Verizon’s network. Unfortunately, Verizon has only said that they’ll be shutting their network down before the end of 2022.