Group of Campers Gets Stranded in Lake After Boat Goes Adrift

by Hunter Miller

A group of campers found themselves stranded on the Indian Lake Islands in New York after their boat went adrift. The boat broke free of shore while the campers were attempting to shuttle others from the boat launch to the island.

The incident took place on June 12 at 7:20 p.m., according to Adirondack Almanack. Hamilton County 911 received a call reporting the campers and transferred it to the Department of Environmental Conservation office.

Forest Ranger Jason Scott responded to the emergency call. Upon arrival at the scene, the Ranger found one camper at the launch waiting to be shuttled to the island. The camper was reportedly unaware of the situation.

Scott gave the camper a courtesy ride to the island. The Ranger then assisted campers in locating the boat. Despite their efforts, the group was unable to recover their aluminum vessel.

The campers elected to stay on the island for the evening and contact a friend the following day to bring them back to shore. Ranger Scott returned to shore on the evening of the incident around 10 p.m. While the campers were able to stay on the island, the DEC currently has strict guidelines on camping.

More About DEC Campgrounds

Currently, the DEC is working to safely reopen DEC campgrounds in light of the coronavirus pandemic. At this time, the Department honors only existing reservations.

Staff implemented COVID-19 guidelines for the parks. Campers must wear face masks when outside the campsite area. Additionally, the DEC encourages people to practice social distancing.

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