Boater Arrested After Allegedly Shooting at Louisiana Coast Guard Helicopter

by Shelby Scott

A boater has been arrested after the individual allegedly discharged a firearm at one of Louisiana’s Coast Guard crews. The crew had been responding to calls about a distressed boater when the incident took place.

According to CNN, the alleged shooting took place near Venice, LA on Thursday, about 75 miles south of Southwest Pass. After receiving the call, the Coast Guard had been in search of a 40-foot sailboat, aiming to locate the boater.

Things suddenly turned violent however when the Coast Guard, upon arriving at the scene, began taking fire from the boater. Officials who’d responded to said the person onboard the boat “pointed what appeared to be a firearm at the helicopter.”

The statement further read, “The aircrew heard objects striking the aircraft and immediately departed the scene due to aircraft and crew safety concerns.”

In departing the scene, the Coast Guard crew returned to base where they learned, upon brief observation, that their craft had indeed sustained gunfire.

The outlet reports the alleged gunman was arrested “without incident” on Friday by FBI agents and Coast Guard Investigate Service. The joint team arrived on the scene in a fixed-wing airplane and response boat, and so far, the boater nor the charges have been identified.

Lieutenant Phillip VanderWeit, spokesperson for the Eighth Coast Guard District, briefly spoke about the Thursday incident.

“Safety of life was our number one priority during this challenging incident,” he said. “Through the professional and skillful work of our crews and interagency partners, we were able to bring this incident to a peaceful resolution.”

Now, several days later, the investigation into the alleged shooting involving Louisiana’s Coast Guard remains under investigation.

Coast Guard Pulls Stranded Fisherman From Dangerous Cliffs Amid Tropical Storm

Most Coast Guard rescues don’t turn as threatening or dangerous as last week’s incident in LA, however, many of the rescues still pose a potential threat. A new video captures the gutwrenching moment a stranded fisherman, left clinging to the sides of a slippery rock face, gets rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard in the Virgin Islands earlier this month amid Tropical Storm Earl. Check it out below.

The brief clip shows a diver and the rescuee dangling from the helicopter as deafening winds and the sound of the craft’s engine nearly drown out the pilots.

“He’s up, going up,” the narrator says of the rescue while waves crash in the spot the fisherman had just been standing.

After the helicopter crew pulls the man to safety, the videographer takes in the dark blue sea around him. Outside the boat, we see white caps breaking left and right, speaking to the intensity of the storm.

Viewers complimented the Coast Guard’s work.

“Nice work Coasties,” one viewer wrote. “Thank you for your service.”

A second gushed, “YAY TEAM! Coasties RULE!!!!”