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Bob Dole Reveals Stage 4 Lung Cancer Diagnosis

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credits: Stephanie Kuykendal/Getty Images

Former Senator Bob Dole has Stage Four lung cancer. The 97-year-old former politician revealed his diagnosis to the public via his official Twitter.

In a statement, Dole disclosed his diagnosis to his followers and also revealed plans to fight the cancer. The former senator said he would begin his first treatment immediately, starting Monday. Dole didn’t reveal what that treatment entailed or if doctors would be using chemotherapy or radiation to treat the cancer. But he compared his plight to millions of Americans in similar situations.

On Twitter, Dole wrote, “Recently, I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. My first treatment will begin on Monday. While I certainly have some hurdles ahead, I also know that I join millions of Americans who face significant health challenges of their own.”

Bob Dole and His Political Career

A Republican, Dole served in the U.S. Senate starting in 1969 until 1996. During that time, he rose to be the Senate Majority Leader as well. The same year his Senate run ended, Dole ran for president opposite Democratic President Bill Clinton. But he ultimately lost in a landslide victory, 379 electoral votes to 159.

Additionally, Dole served as the vice presidential nominee with Gerald Ford in 1976 but ultimately Jimmy Carter won that election. Since 1975, Dole has been married to Elizabeth Dole. Besides his political career, Dole also served in the Army during World War II.

For his service, the military awarded Dole two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars after the young soldier was injured by machine gun fire in 1945. In 2018, President Donald Trump awarded Dole the Congressional Gold Medal as well.

Current U.S. Senator Roger Marshall spoke on Dole’s diagnosis with KMBC News. He said that Dole was a fighter, and he believed the former senator would fight the cancer with everything he had.

“Just as he did as one of the heroes from our greatest generation, in this battle, Senator Dole will continue to show us the way through hope, resiliency, and perseverance,” Marshall said. “Senator Dole, just as you taught me that when there is ‘any problem too big, just go listen to the people of Kansas,’ please know that the state we both love is behind you, and Laina and I and my entire family of course are behind you.”