Body of Skier Who Went Missing on Christmas Found in Mountains: Report

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Luka Dakskobler/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

On Christmas, a skier went missing near a Lake Tahoe-area resort.

Now, authorities are revealing that they just found the body of this missing skier after he vanished amidst the snowy mountains.

The 43-year-old man, Rory Andelotta, was actually found near a residential neighborhood in the town of Truckee. This town is about three miles from the Northstar Ski Resort.

Body of Missing Skier Found

As for Angelotta, authorities think that a nasty storm from back in December may have disoriented him. After losing his way, he may have been trying to get to the neighborhood for help and shelter. Sadly, the weather ended up being too deadly to handle.

“It is possible Angelotta was attempting to find the neighborhood near Truckee when he succumbed to the elements,” authorities said regarding the man’s death, according to the New York Post. As of now, investigators are still looking into the entire case to determine the man’s exact cause of death.

Andelotta was first reported missing late in the evening on December 25. He didn’t turn up for Christmas dinner despite having plans with his friends. People put together a search effort of over 200 people. This also included a helicopter, to try to find the man amidst the snowy terrain.

“The Angelotta family is deeply touched by the overwhelming outpouring of prayers and support during this extremely difficult time and personally wants to thank everyone that accompanied in the search and assisted them during these last two weeks,” the family had said regarding the search effort.

Skiers Launched Off Chairlift

Another terrifying situation occurred at a ski resort in North Carolina.

A skier accidentally ran into a water and air hydrant that makes snow at the Beech Mountain Resort. The hydrant then started spraying pressurized water directly up. Right above the hydrant is the path of the chairlifts which get people to the top of the mountain.

It caused those on the chairlifts to make a very difficult decision. They would either have to jump 25 feet or get blasted by cold water and possibly get jolted out of the chairlift.

A college student was celebrating her birthday with a friend when they got ejected from the chairlift. “I’m in quite a bit of pain, mainly on my left side of my body. I have bruises from head to toe, some big, some small, like all over my body,” Emma Lopinto said to the New York Post regarding the incident.

Others made the decision to jump instead to avoid the blast of water. Several different individuals appear to sustain injuries from the freak accident. The woman celebrating her birthday said her friend may have a spinal injury.