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Bojangles Employees Fired After Allegedly Pretending to Spit in Police Officer’s Food

by Outsider
(Photo by Panpreeda Mahaly / EyeEm)

Employees at a North Carolina Bojangles location ended up fired following allegations of food tampering.

Police officer Jillian Wenderoth, who works with the Jacksonville police department, had a damning complaint. She pulled into Bojangles for a meal while in uniform. That’s when a group of employees saw fit to make fun of her and laugh before pretending to spit in her food and drinks.

“As I pulled up to the pickup window one of the employees saw me and said ‘oh f—!’ Then proceeded to laugh with another employee,” Wenderoth wrote. “This same employee then drew spit in his mouth and made the motion to spit in the drinks he was making to hand me. He then laughed about it.” It’s unclear if Wenderoth ended up taking the food or not.

Wenderoth claims the Bojangles management staff was in on the joke, as they watched and did nothing about the behavior. However, she later redacted said statement, as the manager on duty that night actually wasn’t available.

Bojangles did take the offenses seriously, even if Wenderoth’s claims were baseless — which, there’s no way to tell what exactly happened here. Speaking to North Carolina’s WCTI, Bojangles confirmed that the location took “immediate action.”

“After contacting the customer directly and conducting a thorough investigation, the employees responsible were immediately terminated,” spokesperson Donna Rodwell commented. “We are working closely with local law enforcement.”

Wenderoth was receptive to the statement. She claimed she wouldn’t “hold the actions of these select employees against the Bojangles franchise.”

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