Border Collie Ejected from Car Crash in Idaho Found Days Later Herding Sheep on Farm

by Halle Ames

How about some good news this Wednesday morning? A border collie that was ejected from a car in an accident was found on a sheep farm. 

And no, we are not talking about that big farm in the sky, real-life sheep heaven in Idaho.

Tilly, a two-year-old border collie, was ejected from the car in a crash that blocked SH-41 and Hayden Avenue on Sunday afternoon. His owners expected the worst for their beloved cattle dog. 

Border Collie Found in Paradise

We are happy to report that Tilly has been found. Not only was Tilly healthy, but the dog was in paradise. The border collie was located on a sheep farm and happily took on the role as their herder. 

The Idaho State Police are still investigating the crash, asking anyone who witnessed the accident to please come forward. 

According to KHQ, the car crash occurred when a GMC Yukon towing a horse trailer attempted to turn south onto SH-41 when a Buick struck it.

The only reported injury was the driver of the Buick, who was a man from Spirit Lake, Idaho. Officials quickly took him to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for his wounds and released. 

Tilly’s owner sent out photos of the fluffy brown dog following the crash and reported him missing. Tilly is a 2-year-old Border Collie Heeler mix. Some notable features include his dark face, as well as a missing tail, and he weighs nearly 70 pounds. The precious pup also sports a multi-colored plaid and tan-colored collar with a name tag containing the owner’s contact information.

The last thing anyone had seen of Tilly was him running northwest from the crash scene through the field. 

The border collie has also lost some weight due to dehydration, but Tilly’s owner notes she is in good health and high spirits.  

Heck, Tilly was in border collie heaven. I just hope he has plenty of animals to go back and herd at his own home. 

Tilly is Twitter Famous

Furthermore, people on Twitter were elated at the good news of Tilly’s whereabouts, saying that he is the goodest of good boys! Give this handsome man all the head pats and treats you can find!

“That dog found its purpose,” said one person with a dog profile picture. Another said what typical behavior this is, “This is the most border collie story I’ve ever read. He probably had four broken legs and had to be dragged from doing his new job.”