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Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Joins New York Fire Department To Help With Search and Rescue Missions

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images)

Boston Dynamics Robot Dog recently joined the New York Fire Department to help with search and rescue missions. While the new invention might not be as soft, cute, or cuddly as a regular domestic dog, it can still pretty helpful. But, let’s see what The Daily Mail wishes to share.

At a Glance

  • These robot dogs will be controlled by human operators.
  • The New York Police Department terminated its contract with Boston Dynamics due to privacy concerns.
  • The robot dogs will collect data during dangerous search and rescue missions.

According to fire officials, officials gave the Boston Dynamics’ $75,000 robot dogs the name, Spot. These unique creations come out less than a year after the New York Police Department (NYPD) terminated its contract with Boston Dynamics. Why did this happen? Well, the company struggled with how to handle concerns about the privacy of these machines.

Captain Michael Leo, from the Fire Department’s robotics unit, spoke with the New York Times about the Boston Dynamics Robot Dog.

“The TV industry and the movie industry are hurting us in some ways because they often show pictures of robots that are weaponized. And then people think that’s how all robots are,” he said. “Our whole mission is a lifesaving one. That’s the core thing. These robots will save lives.”

So, Outsiders, how exactly do officials plan to control these robots? According to the New York Times, the human operator plans to control these inventions. “Spot” will collect images and data during risky search and rescue missions. The robot will also measure the concentration of dangerous gases. Officials also report that robots will only collect data on hazardous materials situations.

More on Boston Dynamics Robot Dog

While speaking to the Times, Albert Fox Cahn, a lawyer based at the NYU School of Law voiced a few concerns about the Boston Dynamics Robot Dog.

“If it actually is used in ways that keeps firefighters safe, that would be great,” he began. “But the history has always been that even if it’s first brought in for a compelling case, you get this creep where it’s used for more. And more scenarios until it’s reaching areas where it just doesn’t feel justifiable.”

In Spring 2021, NYPD sparked outrage. This happened after testing the robots during an arrest in a Manhattan public housing building before using them in a hostage situation in the Bronx. This forced Boston Dynamics to terminate its contract with the NYPD.

Boston Dynamics said it first made the Spot robots became commercially available for lease in 2019 and began selling them in 2020. Company spokesman, Nikolas Noel, revealed that the company predicts that it will have sold over 1,000 units by the end of this year.