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Boy Sends Christmas Card and Cash from Piggy Bank To Florida Police Department

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Earlier this week, a boy reportedly sent a Christmas card and cash from his piggy bank to the Hollywood, Florida Police Department.

In an adorably sweet Facebook post, the Hollywood, Florida Police Department shared details about the boy’s generosity during the Christmas season. “William Hernandez sent us money from his piggy bank for the holiday season and our hearts have melted.”

Inside the adorable Christmas card, Hernandez thanked the Hollywood Police Department for their service throughout 2021. “To HPD, thank you for your service! From my piggy bank to you. William S. Hernandez.”

However, it was revealed that there wasn’t a return address on the Christmas gift, and the Hollywood Police Department is very much interested in finding William Hernandez. “There is no return address and we would LOVE to get in contact with him and his family to send him some goodies!! If you know who this may be, please send us a private message. His piggy bank money will go toward our Explorer program!”

Those that followed the page responded with very sweet comments. “God bless this little Angel and his family. Thank you officers for your service,” one follower wrote. Another follower also commented, “We are thankful you all! So glad to see parents raising little ones to understand how much you all do for the citizens of Hollywood!”

Police Department Speaks Out About Generous Christmas Donation 

During a recent press conference, the Hollywood Police Department stated they are wanting to get in touch with William Hernandez in regards to his generous Christmas gift. The department’s spokesperson, Deanna Bettineschi, stated that the kind gesture touched the department.

“Honestly, it has been a really tough year for everybody involved,” Bettineschi stated. “The staff, the officers. But one thing we have realized through this heartache is the community is really supportive.”

Following the social media post, Bettineschi explained the conference is to help reach out to the parents of Hernandez. “Hopefully, they will see this on TV. Maybe his parents will see it and say that[’s] my child.”

The Hollywood Police Department notably endured a difficult year due to losing two police officers earlier this year. According to the Department’s website, Police Officer Yandy Chirino was shot and killed after responding to reports of a suspicious person pulling on door handles in the 300 block of North Hills Drive on October 17, 2021. While struggling with officers, the man drew a concealed weapon and shot Officer Chirino. The officer was transported to Memorial Regional Hospital in a police car. But eventually succumbed to his wounds. 

Just a few months prior to that incident, Detective Jon Cooke passed away from complications as the result of contracting COVID-19 while in the line of duty. Cooke was with the Hollywood Police Department for 23 years and was a U.S. Army veteran.