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Boycott of Russian Vodka Expands Globally Amid Ukraine War

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The calls to boycott Russian-made vodka continue in response to the Ukraine invasion. And, over the last few days, these boycott efforts have continued to gain momentum – both throughout the US and abroad. Since then, multiple businesses and governments alike have urged stores to remove Russian liquor from store shelves, restaurants, and hotels.

Multiple states throughout the US have called for boycotts of the Russian booze. And now, similar bans are currently underway in a variety of locations; including grocery stores, event centers, and retailers all across the globe.

“Our boycott won’t cause big damages for the Putin’s businessmen but it’s a matter of principle,” notes Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte said in a recent statement. “Our people don’t fund those, who finance the war.”

Australia and New Zealand Join the Boycott of Russian Liquor

Recently, the Australian Endeavor Group, the parent company to liquor giants Dan Murphy’s and BWS has announced the removal of Russian liquor brands from their large network of stores, hotels, and online. According to a recent statement to ABC News, the Endeavor Group has made this decision in their commitment to join calls for peace.

“As an organization, Endeavour Group is deeply concerned with the situation in Ukraine,” notes the Australian company. “And we join the calls for peace.”

Additionally, one of New Zealand’s largest liquor retailers, West Auckland Trusts announced that the company would cease the sale of thousands of Russian-made booze. This includes varieties of vodka and beer. In support of the people of Ukraine, the shelves that were left empty by the removal of the products have been adorned with Ukrainian flags.

“While New Zealand is a comparatively small market individually, joining our counterparts in other countries around the world in boycotting the sale of these products is a statement of solidarity for the Ukrainian people,” notes West AucklandTrusts CEO Allan Pollard.

Businesses and Governments Stand With the Ukranian People

Multiple US states have stepped up taking action to ban Russian vodka and other products. All in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week. Several sanctions have been issued to target the Russian economy. And, several businesses and large corporations have joined in this effort.

Last weekend, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu announced an executive order to this effect. The ban asks that state liquor outlets “begin removing Russian-made and Russian-branded spirits from our liquor and wine outlets until further notice.”

“New Hampshire stands with the people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom,” Governer Sununu says in a statement.

Additionally, Utah governor Spencer Cox announced a similar directive; ordering the removal of all “Russian-produced and Russian-branded products” throughout the state. “Russia’s ruthless attack on a sovereign nation is an egregious violation of human rights,” governor Cox explains.

“Utah stands in solidarity with Ukraine,” Cox adds. “And will not support Russian enterprises, no matter how small the exchange.”