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‘Boycott Walmart’ Is Trending on Twitter: Here’s Why

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Today, Twitter is full of people calling for a stand in solidarity in boycotting Walmart. A number of Twitter users are railing against the big-box retailer and urging others to shop elsewhere. This comes after Walmart locations in the province of Quebec, Canada started requiring “vaccine passports” from their customers.

Many anti-vaxxers and other angry shoppers are calling for others to boycott Walmart. However, the chain didn’t have much to do with the decision. In fact, former Walmart shoppers are sharing an image that shows just how little the chain had to do with the new mandate. The image shows a sign that states, “Due to government mandate we will ensure that all customers 13 & up are properly vaccinated when entering the store.”

Angry Walmart Shoppers Call for Widespread Boycott

To be clear, this new mandate doesn’t affect all Walmart locations. It doesn’t affect all of their stores in Canada. This is a mandate from Quebec’s lawmakers.

However, many outside the province also plan to boycott Walmart. One Twitter user said that their family is “directly impacted by this hate” and would be standing in boycotting the store in another province.

 At least one American shopper said they’d avoid Walmart stores in the US due to the changes in Quebec.

On the other hand, several people took to Twitter to laugh about the proposed Walmart boycott. In their eyes, the mandate is working perfectly.

Explaining the Vaccine Passport Mandate

The government of Quebec rolled out this new mandate in hopes of getting more people vaccinated against COVID. The mandate states that all stores with surface areas of 1,500 square meters or more must require vaccine passports to enter. However, this does not extend to grocery stores or pharmacies at this time, according to the Montreal Gazette.

The vaccine passport is either a physical or digital card that shows the holder’s vaccination status. It also shows which vaccine they took and when they took it. Canadians have to use these passports for several things including entering some businesses and traveling within Canada as well as internationally.

Some Retailers Aren’t Loving the Vaccine Passport Mandate

Canadians seem to be divided on the topic. Some, of course, are threatening to boycott stores like Walmart. Others think that it’s a good idea. However, most retailers are feeling pressure due to the new regulation. Patrick Delisle, the marketing director for Canac, a hardware and construction chain spoke to the Montreal Gazette about the mandate. “Mainly,” he said, “we’re disappointed, especially after being considered an essential business for two years.”

More than that, retailers like Canac are already seeing employee shortages. This new mandate spreads the employees they do have that much thinner. They have to have employees to scan passports and security to help enforce the mandate. For Canac, that means spending another $100,000 per week.