‘The Brady Bunch’: ‘Greg Brady’ Actor Barry Williams Had Co-Star as Best Man in Wedding

by Josh Lanier

The behind-the-scenes drama of shows such as The Brady Bunch is often discussed, dissected, and used to diagnose some of the star’s later-in-life problems. But the lesser-discussed aspect of working on such a show is how it can bond a cast and crew together. Many of them remain friends for life.

When Barry Williams first got married in 1990 to Diane Martin, he asked his TV little brother Christopher Knight (Bobby Brady) to serve as best man. And while the marriage didn’t last, Williams and Knight still speak often and remain close.

Years after the show ended, Knight admitted that he looked up to Williams as a big brother when they were children. Williams, Knight said, was someone he wanted to emulate.

“Only later in the show or even after did we the show we become closer and closer friends,” Knight said. “He always cracked me up and was always great company. I would consider him my closest buddy. If I got into a little bit of trouble, it’s probably because I was trying to drag him into a little bit of trouble.”

Williams has been married three times. He announced their engagement on Twitter in 2016. They were married a year later. It was not disclosed if Knight or any of the Bradys were at the wedding.

Barry William Cancellation Was a Major Wake-Up Call

Barry Williams said that when he learned The Brady Bunch was being cancelled, he was lost. He felt vulnerable and used up.

“I was gone; I was out, and that was a major wake-up call,” he told Closer Weekly. “A wake-up call to the business and what to expect. Here today, gone tomorrow. Done. It’s been nice, that’s been fun. The machine marches on, not just in show business, of course, but for someone who didn’t see that coming… And many children, kids, don’t, especially when they’re protected for so many years. Then it’s quite a shock.”

Williams joked that he found life outside of show business cold, but he said he wouldn’t let it change him.

It would seem so jarring an experience, that one could easily become bitter, and it’s curious that Barry isn’t. Though he’s quick to point out, “I can’t say that all of us didn’t get bitter over it. The meat market in Hollywood is always about new. It’s always about fresh. It’s always about different. I’d been on a show for five years. The producers, casting director, studios, networks tend to put you on hold for a bit, like a few years, to kind of let everything cool off before you’ll start working again. That’s when you either grow up, or you get bitter and stay there.”

Williams has gone on to do a number of other television shows and live performances, including several Brady Bunch specials and movies.