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Breonna Taylor Shooting: New Bodycam Footage Surfaces Showing Moments After Officer Was Shot

by Matthew Wilson
Breonna Taylor Shooting Bodycam Footage Shows Injured Officer
Photo credit: APU GOMES/AFP via Getty Images

Newly released bodycam footage shows the aftermath of the botched raid on March 13 that killed Breonna Taylor. In the video, a Louisville cop lay on the ground injured by gunfire.

Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker shot Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly. Walker said he fired because the cops failed to identify themselves. The bullet struck Mattingly in his femoral artery. Doctors later performed surgery on the officer to save the officer’s life.

Mattingly’s lawyer posted video to Twitter. He wrote, “They called [Mattingly] a ‘murderer,’ when all he did was defend himself.” The attorney demanded those who called his client a “murder” should apologize immediately.


A grand jury did not indict the officers on the death of Breonna Taylor.

Earlier this week, a Kentucky grand jury decided not to indict Mattingly on any charges related to Taylor’s death. In the video, Mattingly’s fellow officers attempt to move him from the scene. One officer said, “Grab und his arms.” The officers placed Mattingly on the top of a cruiser’s trunk to get him to safety. According to Wave 3, the officers also applied a tourniquet to Mattingly’s leg.

One officer has his pistol draw pointing it toward a building before holstering it.

Officers seemed to be unaware if there was still any danger.  According to Wave 3, Mattingly underwent surgery for five hours and received multiple blood transfusions due to blood loss.

In the apartment, return fire from the officers struck Taylor six times. Attorney General Daniel Cameron believes she died within a minute or two from her injuries. The officers reportedly fired 32 rounds into her home and the neighboring residence.

According to the Daily Mail, Taylor’s boyfriend Walker, who legally owns a firearm, fired after the officers entered the apartment with a “no knock” warrant. According to Cameron, a witness account said the officers knocked but no one answered. Officials dropped attempted murder and assault charges against Walker earlier this year.

On Wednesday (Sept. 23), the grand jury charged Officer Brett Hankison with three counts of wanton endangerment. News than none of the officers faced murder charges caused nation-wide protests.   

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