Brett Favre Shares Thoughts on NFL Players Kneeling or Standing During National Anthem

by Kayla Zadel

Super Bowl-winning quarterback Brett Favre is sharing where he stands on the NFL’s National Anthem controversy.

In a recent interview with Eric Bolling on “America This Week,” Brett Favre talks about the National Anthem protest currently prevalent in the NFL. He starts out by confessing that he’s glad he’s not playing anymore for a lot of reasons, and this being one of them.

“I don’t want to be asked questions after a game that have nothing to do with playing. How did you play… how did you feel the team played, you know that’s ok,” he states. “What do you think about such and such kneeling or standing, or how do you feel about that? It would be never-ending. I”m glad I don’t have to deal with that.”

Favre favors what Drew Brees had to say on the matter. The Saints quarterback’s said that he’s going to stand during the anthem. The Hall of Famer says he doesn’t think Brees is wrong.

However, Favre doesn’t condemn if players want to kneel, and references Saints receiver Michael Thomas. He says that he’s not wrong either. “I’m not saying who’s right or wrong either,” the former NFL quarterback admits.

Brett Favre Talks about Drew Brees

Bolling and Favre continue to discuss the topic and talk about how Brees made certain comments about standing versus kneeling for the anthem. However, Brees later followed up those comments, clarifying what he meant. Favre believes that Brees was bullied and was forced to make a statement as a result.

“There’s a lot of things that need to be fixed in the country and this world. The starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints can’t fix it. I certainly can’t fix it but we can work together,” Favre explains.

He tells Bolling that today’s world is stuck in a certain mentally. “You’re either with us or we hate you and you’re wrong,” he says. Favre does say that this thought process is wrong.