Brian Kelly Once Made Robert Saleh And Matt LaFleur Shovel Snow Outside of a Party

by Thad Mitchell

Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish Head Football Coach Brian Kelly is headed to Louisiana State University (LSU) to assume head coaching duties.

Brian Kelly is an excellent football coach and boasts accomplishments that other coaches simply do not have. Now, a story from years ago is circulating around the internet and it isn’t a good look for Kelly.

While coaching at Central Michigan, Brian Kelly employed Robert Saleh and Matt LaFleur as graduate assistants. This is significant because both Saleh and LaFleur went on to much success in the NFL. Saleh is the head coach for the New York Jets while LaFleur is the head man for the Green Bay Packers.

While on the Central Michigan staff, Brian Kelly allegedly “invited” both coaches to a party he was throwing. But instead of enjoying the December party, Kelly had something else lined up for his grad assistants — shoveling snow and parking cars. Brian Kelly had the two future NFL head coaches shovel snow and act as valets. The incident left a big impression on both young coaches.

“We shoveled the snow and parked all the cars. Then, at the end of the night, we had to go get the cars again,” Saleh says in a 2019 ESPN interview. “We decided that when we’re in that position, we’re never going to treat people the way we got treated.”

Thankfully for Brian Kelly’s new grad assistants, it doesn’t snow much in Louisiana.

Brian Kelly’s Departure Sends Shock Waves Through NCAA

The move came as a major shock to the Notre Dame football team and fans as they were blindsided by the news. Brian Kelly is leaving South Bend, Indiana, after obtaining a great deal of success as the Fighting Irish head coach. He will now head to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where the stakes will be higher than he’s ever seen. The LSU Tigers compete in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and much is expected of the football coach and his team. The LSU administration fired former head coach Ed Orgeron earlier this year, despite winning a national championship a few years ago under his direction. Make no mistake about it — Brian Kelly is being brought in to win championships. Anything less and he may find himself in the same predicament as Orgeron.

Brian Kelly will be up for the challenge. And will have to be to justify the contract LSU is giving him. He is getting a 10-year deal that will likely pay him more than $100 million before his time is up. He’s leaving an 11-1 Notre Dame football team that is hopeful to make the playoffs this year.

At LSU, all eyes will be on Brian Kelly’s every move as he tries to rejuvenate the school’s football hopes.