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Brian Laundrie’s Dad Gets Court Summons for Tearing Down Protesters Sign

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Someone’s taking Brian Laundrie’s parents to court. But it’s not for anything to do with Gabby Petito’s death or their son’s disappearance. Instead, a protester filed a complaint after dad Chris Laundrie tore down the protestor’s sign.

People have been flooding the Laundries’ front yard in North Port, Florida, since mid-September. They want to know where 23-year-old Brian is, and they’re pressuring Chris and Roberta Laundrie to tell the authorities what they know. But the Laundries’ have been extremely tight-lipped, only speaking through their lawyer, Steven Bertolino.

But this one sign took things too far for Brian Laundrie’s dad. He came out into his front yard and ripped the sign out before storming back into the house. Per The New York Post, the sign reads, “What if it was Cassie?”

Cassie is Brian Laundrie’s sister. Brian’s wanted by police as a person of interest in the death of 22-year-old Gabby Petito, who went missing while traveling across the country with him. Authorities found her body on Sept. 19 in Wyoming and ruled her death a homicide by manual strangulation.

Chris Laundrie clearly does not appreciate the comparison between Petito and his daughter.

The New York Post reports that the father must show up at Sarasota county courtroom on Dec. 1. A protestor named Andra Griffin filed a small-claims suit that accused Chris of destroying a $40 sign that she helped pay for.

“On or about the morning of October 6th, 2021, the defendant, Christopher Laundrie, came out of his home, walked up to the sign, stole it, and walked back onto his property,” the court complaint said.

The summons also ordered Brian Laundrie’s father to appear before Judge David Lee Denkin in December for a pretrial hearing.

Brian Laundrie’s Parents Analyzed by Body Language Expert, Deemed ‘Odd Behavior’

Many people suspect that Brian Laundrie’s parents know more than they’re saying about their son’s disappearance. While the couple attempt to go through everyday life, everything they do is cataloged by reporters and protestors. They won’t be off the hook until their son is found and an explanation is delivered.

But in the meantime, body language expert Patti Wood has broken down exactly what she sees in the Laundries for The Sun.

“I see that resignation in the way he’s holding the lawnmower. He’s thinking ‘I’m resigned to carrying out that task’. He’s trying not to show any emotion,” Wood explained after watching footage of Brian Laundrie’s dad.

“In grief and stress, people do go about their normal activities. So it’s not unusual for people to do things that maintain their life,” she added. “The way the woman passes the shovel seems a little bit shallow. It makes us curious – it seems odd.”

Wood also analyzed footage of Chris Laundrie talking about whether he was totally honest with the FBI.

“He flings his hand and arm out, down and away. He brings his shoulder up and he tilts his head and shoulder. That indicates some dissonance with the question. He’s either shrugging it off or he’s not in agreement. They are two very different things,” Wood concluded.