Brian Laundrie’s Dad Seen for First Time Since Photos of Son’s Notebook ‘Confession’ Emerged

by TK Sanders

Chris Laundrie, father of Brian Laundrie, has stayed extremely quiet about his son’s high-profile case and subsequent death. Holed up in his North Port, Florida, home for months, Laundrie finally emerged for the first time since the FBI recovered his son’s chilling notebook in October 2021.

At a glance

  • Brian Laundrie’s father, Chris, was seen outside his home for the first time since October 2021
  • Chris and his wife Roberta, Brian’s mother, have faced constant scrutiny since details emerged regarding their late son’s murder of Gabby Petito
  • The FBI recently released excerpts from a letter written by Brian that may include a confession

In an excerpt from the notebook, Brian admits to killing Gabby Petito. According to the Sun and Fox News Digital, Laundrie said that Gabby was dealing with an injury and would wake in pain. He wrote that he “ended her life, mercifully” because that’s what she wanted him to do.

“She would wake in pain, start her whole painful cycle again, while furious that I was the one waking her,” he wrote. “She wouldn’t let me try to cross the creek, thought like me that the fire would go out in her sleep, and she’d freeze.”

Ironically enough, it was Chris who found the notebook during a massive manhunt for his son. During the search, which he was assisting, Chris found a white plastic bag containing some of his son’s items in a patch of bushes next to a trail.

What role did Brian Laundrie’s family play in the days after Gabby’s murder, if any?

After months of research into the journal, the FBI finally released images of its contents to the public last week. It contained many sordid details into the mind of Brian and the final moments of Gabby. Pat Reilly, the attorney who represents Gabby’s parents, condemned releasing the document to the public. He also went after the Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino.

“I find it ironic that Mr. Bertolino says he was, in full transparency, releasing this,” Reilly said. “Well, someone should ask him why he doesn’t release the entire notebook. But more importantly, ask him why he doesn’t release Roberta Laundrie’s letter to her son.”

Reilly also accused Bertolino of withholding certain aspects of the letter but releasing others.

“There are some pretty extreme things she said in there that, without having the letter here to quote it, I don’t want to say; but I will tell you that there are some pretty extreme things that were contained within that letter,” he alleged.

Many interested parties have long-wondered if Brian Laundrie’s parents aided him in any way during the aftermath of the murder.

Reilly then continued, “I will tell you, by the way, that on the envelope that contained the letter, the words ‘burn after you read this’ were written. The most I want to say is there was an offer to assist Brian with some things in that letter.”

The Petito family has already sued Chris and Roberta Laundrie for allegedly withholding information regarding their daughter’s death.