Brian Laundrie’s Home Flooded with Flowers for Gabby Petito

by Anna Dunn

Brian Laundrie’s parent’s home has been flooded with flowers for Gabby Petito following her murder. According to WSTP Tampa, a woman in Texas decided to send flowers to the home on Monday as a way to memorialize her, and others on social media quickly followed suit.

Stephanie Savage of Houston spoke up about her choice to send flowers to the Laundrie home.

“I was really dumbfounded how no one in the Tampa area had started [a memorial],” she said according to WSTP Tampa. Then, people flooded the home with flower deliveries. Drivers continuously pulled up to the home and #Flowersforgabbie became a trending topic on Twitter.

A community service aid arrived at the house amidst the new memorial movement along with the North Port Police Department. The aid stated that all flowers had to be brought to city hall. But that request quickly stirred up more of an uproar on social media as the public’s continued frustration with the case grows.

At one point a community service aid misspoke and said that officials will throw out the flowers. When WSTP contacted the North Port police, they clarified that the community service aid misspoke.

Stephanie Harris, a woman who ordered flowers from Chicago, told the outlet that “the message this police department needs to send right now is not that they are policing flower deliveries on the Laundrie’s front lawn.”

Brian Laundrie is Still Missing Following the Murder of Gabby Petito

Protestors have gathered outside of the Laundrie’s house essentially since Brian went missing. Brian is currently wanted for charges related to a situation involving the murder of Gabby Petito. The two were traveling around the country together in a van. Brian returned to his parent’s home in Florida with the van and without Gabby.

When Gabby’s parents reported her missing, Brian refused to speak with authorities and then vanished. This started a massive search for him by police and bounty hunters.

In fact, “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” aka Duane Chapman, is now on the hunt for Laundrie. Chapman pointed out that Laundrie and his parents potentially camped at Fort De Soto Park in Florida between September 6th and September 8th, with three people entering on the sixth and only two left on the eighth.

Laundrie’s parents have faced intense scrutiny about their potential involvement in Brian’s evasion of the police. They reported that their son headed to a nearby nature reserve.

As flowers pile up at the Laundrie home and protestors gather nightly, there’s still no sign of Laundrie and little news in the Gabby Petito case which has garnered nationwide attention over the past month. Petito was 22. Her family is now seeking justice and vows to help other missing people.