Brian Laundrie Latest: Internet Sleuths Up in Arms Over His Instagram

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Brian Laundrie has remained the epicenter of national news following the discovery of his remains in Florida’s Carlton Reserve. Having seen discovery just over a week ago, law enforcement and Laundries’ parents alike have faced backlash from the public. Gabby Petito’s sympathizers across the U.S. have pointed to the suspicious behaviors of the deceased fugitive’s parents. They’ve also questioned the seemingly rapid discovery of their son’s remains once the Laundries joined law enforcement in the search.

Now, internet sleuths are up in arms over Brian Laundrie’s Instagram. As of today, the 23-year-old’s Instagram page has allegedly been taken down. Now, these same sleuths are wondering why, and who was potentially responsible for removing the account.

The vast majority of Laundrie’s Instagram page featured some unsettling artwork. As such, those following Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie’s investigations have spent significant amounts of time trying to decipher the work. As we can guess, many continue to look for clues.

According to The Sun, an error message pops up on the social media platform when users try to navigate to the late fugitive’s page. Soon after, fans began Tweeting about the account’s removal.

Anna said, “Did anyone notice that Brian Laundrie’s Instagram account is gone? Maybe I’m late at noticing but I think it’s gone.”

Another individual commented, “Ummm, what happened to Brian Laundrie’s IG?”

Per the outlet, no one is sure who removed the account.

Social Media ‘Spooked’ By Brian Laundrie’s Demonic Obsession

Before pushing onward, the entire investigation surrounding Gabby Petito’s death, Brian Laundrie’s disappearance and the sudden discovery of his remains is all a bit spooky. Major gaps in the timeline following Gabby’s Petito’s disappearance leave a lot of questions unanswered. Additionally, the mystery around Laundrie’s Instagram page puts another wrench in the public’s determination to spot clues hinting at what led to the 22-year-old vlogger’s death.

Nevertheless, while the account remained active, social media users experienced discomfort at viewing Laundrie’s apparent obsession with demonic creative endeavors.

Many of his shared posts depict bloody, gory scenes. These include a wolf-masked man boasting a blood-soaked knife, stains of the same color soaking his clothes. Another, perhaps even more terrifying image, shows a screaming skeleton, with what appears to be blood effusing from the central figure. It seems as though the figure falls back into dark oblivion.

Along with the artwork, Laundrie’s death leaves law enforcement and the American public alike with multitudes of unanswered questions.

Laundrie also seemingly took an interest in more than just visual art. He also had preoccupations with several horror novels, primarily written by Chuck Palahniuk. These included the author’s early 2000s’ publications, Lullaby and Rant.