Brian Laundrie Latest: Investigators Reportedly Piecing Together New Timeline

by Shelby Scott

Investigators have released new developments regarding the ongoing investigation surrounding the death of Brian Laundrie in connection to Gabby Petito. The latest states investigators are reportedly creating a new timeline of events regarding the death of Brian Laundrie. The change comes after law enforcement admitted Brian Laundrie was likely dead before the massive manhunt even began.

North Port police, the FBI, and all of the U.S. focused their attention on the expanse of the Carlton Reserve. However, according to North Port Police’s spokesman, Joshua Taylor, “there is a very good possibility” Brian Laundrie died not long after he told his parents where intended to hike. The spokesman said Laundrie was likely dead on September 13th, the same day he left to hike the Carlton Reserve.

As per The U.S. Sun, the new potential time of death falls only two days after Gabby Petito’s parents reported the 22-year-old vlogger missing.

Now that Laundrie’s remains have been recovered and autopsy results have proven inconclusive, other experts have since joined the investigation. Authorities now work to create a new timeline surrounding the 23-year-old’s disappearance. At the same time, a forensic pathologist is examining the remains. Hopefully, more conclusive results come back over the next few weeks.

Brian Laundrie Likely Committed Suicide

Following the latest development in Brian Laundrie’s case, it more than makes sense that authorities believe he committed suicide. The new potential date of death came almost immediately after Laundrie entered the reserve.

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt Hoffman said in a statement during a community meeting, “[Laundrie] by all accounts probably committed suicide.”

However, despite the discovery of Laundrie’s remains, investigators continue to decipher the fugitive’s cause of death. Hopefully, the next few weeks provide us some kind of conclusive answer. But considering the state of those remains, there’s only so much investigators will be able to pull as evidence.

Further, establishing a time of death will also prove difficult. Forensic anthropologist Dr. Erin Kimmerle summarized the conditions in which Laundrie’s remains were found. Overall, local conditions don’t appear promising in revealing many facts.

Kimmerle stated, “Human remains exposed on the open ground surface, with free access by predators and the heat, can decompose in as little as a week in Florida.”

Considering the watery surroundings, intense heat, and local predators, not to mention the time Laundrie’s body would have been in the swamp, little likely remains as far as coming to any kind of definite conclusion.

However, the forensic anthropologist did provide other helpful information. Had Brian Laundrie inflicted any harm upon himself, those signs would be more telling in the remains.

Nevertheless, as we’ve been, we continue to wait. Check with us Outsiders for any following updates.