Brian Laundrie: Medical Examiner Explains How Long Identification of Possible Remains Will Take

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Mark Taylor/Getty Images)

The remains found at Carlton Reserve may be the break in the case that police need, but identifying the remains could take several days. Yesterday, search teams found items belonging to Brian Laundrie as well as partial remains. The medical examiner present at the scene confirmed that it was, indeed, human. However, proving that they belonged to Laundrie will be more difficult and take more time.

FBI Tampa division’s Michael McPherson reported that investigators will be at the site in the nature preserve for “several days” as they continue to forensically investigate the newly acquired evidence. As a result, police shut down Carlton Reserve and placed a flying restriction on the area.

According to News Nation Now reporter Brian Entin, the medical examiner expects to have a positive identity in “one or two days,” however, the process could take longer depending on the condition of the remains.

“In terms of when they will be able to positively identify those human remains, the latest we’ve heard from the medical examiner tonight is he expects possibly tomorrow, possibly the day after that,” Entin shared in his report.

Meanwhile, internet sleuths and follows of the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie case maintain their suspicions about the new evidence. With Laundrie’s parents’ involvement in the search, some believe that the family planted the evidence in order to cover up for their son’s crimes. Chris and Roberta Laundrie have not attended many searches in the past. Therefore, their presence at this latest search has stirred suspicions of ill intention.

“This is BS! The park opens and the next day they find this after months of searching the area.. no this was planted!” one follower tweeted.

Investigators Focus Attention on Brian Laundrie’s Personal Items While Awaiting Identification of Human Remains

Police also released which of Brian Laundrie’s personal items accompanied the human remains at the 25,000-acre nature reserve. According to The U.S. Sun, investigators also found a white dry bag, backpack and notebook at Carlton Reserve on Wednesday. Chris Laundrie, the father of Brian, was the one to find the dry bag and, according to family lawyer, Steven Bertolino, reported it to officials.

Bertolino has used this information to combat the accusations of the family planting evidence, labeling the suspicions as “hogwash.”

“Chris didn’t want to pick the bag up because he wanted law enforcement to see it,” Bertolino stated. “This was caught on camera.”

It’s possible that the journal will reveal more information about the events leading to Gabby Petito’s death and/or Brian Laundrie’s disappearance. Criminologist Casey Jordan told 7News that the notebook “pointed to the possibility” of a suicide note. However, the notebook could have sustained some damage from the waterlogged environment.

Police have not released any information regarding the contents of the notebook.