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Brian Laundrie Search: Examiner Shares New Details After Analyzing Potential Remains

by Clayton Edwards
Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Brian Laundrie has been missing for over a month. In that time, law enforcement, civilians, and reality TV personalities have been searching for him. Unfortunately, that hunt may have come to an end in the worst way possible. On Wednesday, October 20th, authorities found human remains in the Carlton Reserve in Florida. Additionally, some of Laundrie’s belongings were near those remains.

This, added to the fact that his parents say he was heading there the last time they spoke to him leads many to believe that authorities found Brian’s remains. If this is true, all of the answers about Gabby Petito’s death and disappearance will probably remain unanswered.

At the moment, no one knows if the remains were once Brian Laundrie. However, we should know by next week if it is him or not. Earlier today, Miami-based News Nation Now correspondent Brian Entin posted an update to his Twitter account. In the short and simple update, he said, “We have learned that the remains found in the Carlton Reserve were “skeletal remains” He added, “Bones.”

There are several ways for scientists to find out if those bones belong to Brian Laundrie. They can compare the skeleton’s dental impressions with Laundrie’s dental records. However, if the skull is not intact or if Laundrie doesn’t have identifiable dental work, that might not be possible. On the other hand, they can gather DNA from the bone marrow of the remains. If Laundrie has a DNA sample on file somewhere, they can test against that. If not, they can use his parents’ DNA to build a profile against which to test the remains. This, however, would take some time.

More About the Remains that Could Be Brian Laundrie

No one knows for sure if the remains are Brian Laundrie or not. However, the circumstantial evidence does make it seem that way. Laundrie’s parents and their attorney are afraid that he died in the reserve. Their lawyer, Steven Bertolino, told Chris Cuomo that Laundrie’s parents were “heartbroken” by the news, but they are holding out hope until authorities verify the identity of the bones.

The chances are good that Brian Laundrie died in the Carlton Reserve. The terrain itself is hazardous. On top of that, the local fauna is deadly. Alligators, water moccasins, and rattlesnakes populate the area. That combined with flooding earlier this month made the reserve truly inhospitable for humans.

Authorities should confirm whether or not the remains belong to Brian Laundrie in the coming days. Until then, the nation continues to watch North Port, Florida for updates on the case that has gripped America for months. There is a chance that it will all come to an end by this time next week.