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Brian Laundrie Search: Florida Governor Says It’s ‘Disappointing’ That Fugitive Hasn’t Been Caught

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Florida governor Ron DeSantis said it was “disappointing” that officials had not caught Gabby Petito boyfriend and person-of-interest Brian Laundrie.

The governor said he hopes Laundrie “is apprehended and brought to justice” if officials find him guilty of a crime.

According to the National and Florida Crime Information Center, Florida has more than 1,500 reported missing people. With that many people and many other vital issues going on for Florida’s 21.6 million residents, you know Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts are a big thing.

A Fox News question prompted the DeSantis response while the governor talked about a $1.69 million grant to help North Port stimulate job creation. Laundrie’s parents currently live in the city. 

Governor DeSantis waded further into the conversation. The politician and lawyer said Laundrie “would be a suspect when something like this happens.”

The father of two daughters also said that there was something up with the Laundrie family. He also said Petito was “a young girl with a lot of potential” and that the tragedy was “really heartbreaking.”

Authorities Still Searching For Laundrie

Law enforcement officers sought former Atlanta Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph for five long years before a small-town cop found the man looking for food in a North Carolina dumpster.

Could Brian Laundrie be smart enough to evade arrest for that long?

On Friday, law enforcement officers looked at areas around North Port while also working on “special response team training.” Cameras captured police with rifles during the training. 

Officials conducted the training at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, which is near the vast 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve. For weeks, officials had looked at the reserve for Brian Laundrie. 

The man’s parents told police that their son allegedly went on a Sept. 13 hike there. But Laundrie did not return home. 

The Petito-Laundrie Fatal Trip

Authorities are seeking the 23-year-old Brian Laundrie on debit card fraud charges. He reportedly used Petito’s card when she went missing. The FBI also wants to question him about Petito’s disappearance and the circumstances of her death.

Petito, 22, and Laundrie took a cross-country trip after July 4. Together, they traveled to several natural parks in the western United States in a Ford Transit van. When Laundrie returned to his parents’ home on Sept. 1 without the woman, Petito’s parents reported her missing on Sept. 11. 

Laundrie’s parents reported their son missing on Sept. 17. Days later, on Sept. 23, the FBI issued an arrest warrant for Laundrie over the bank card fraud. In a report, Laundrie used an unidentified person’s Capital One card and a personal identification number to get $1,000 between Aug. 30 and Sept. 1. Petito was missing during that time.