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Brian Laundrie’s Sister and Husband Asked Police for Increased Patrols, Reported Threats

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

With the latest update to the Gabby Petito investigation involving the discovery of her manual strangulation, the pressure increased tenfold to find Brian Laundrie. While his mother remains holed up inside their North Port home, his father also continues to ignore the press and public’s cries for answers. He was last seen mowing their lawn while actively avoiding any eye contact or conversation with the onlookers.

Though Brian and his sister, Cassie, share the same parents, their family stays divided. She revealed that her parents stopped talking to her altogether as she started reaching out to the press. Richard Bertolino, who represents Brian and his parents, also came out to say that he does not represent Cassie as her attorney.

Though she hasn’t revealed much information, she has spoken to Brian’s survivalist abilities. She also confirmed that their family camping trip included Brian, though the dates are still a murky territory.

Apparently, the backlash that she and her husband have faced has left her worried for their children. At one point, they even asked local police to increase their neighborhood patrols among reported violent threats.

Death Threats Pour In to Brian Laundrie’s Family

September 11th marks the day that police filed Gabby Petito’s official missing persons report. And apparently, that’s also how far back the threats to Cassie and her small family go. By mid-September, Brian Laundrie’s brother-in-law had already called the police asking for protection.

According to an initial incident report discovered by the media, “The reporting party did not share the specifics on the telephone threats and did not wish to report them.” However, supplemental information later added that “the threats were to kill his family and take his kids.”

The same incident report detailed discussions by local deputies to install security cameras and spotlights close by. They also told the husband, James Luycx, to call 911 to report any suspicious activity in the area. They agreed to keep a close watch on the neighborhood also.

Could the Carlton Reserve Search Yield Something Soon?

Reports this morning, October 14th, marked some notable activity within the Carlton Reserve. This, of course, marks the area that the FBI has focused their search for Brian Laundrie within. Allegedly, officials brought in a host of special units to aid in their search. Among them, there was a K-9 Forensics Unit that included a Human Remains Detection K-9.

Former FBI Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer commented on this update, saying it might be something of note. You can read her tweet here: