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Brian Laundrie’s Friend Speaks Out, Says His Death ‘Doesn’t Feel Real’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Just a little over a week after Brian Laundrie’s skeletal remains were found at Myahhahatchee Creek Environmental Park, a close friend is now speaking out about the deaths of both Laundrie and his girlfriend Gabby Petito.

During a recent interview with The Sun, Brian Laundrie’s close friend stated that the 23-year-old’s death “doesn’t feel real” to them. “I’m still trying to tell myself he’s alive. There hasn’t been any hard evidence that he is still alive. But there have been statements that he is.”

Brian Laundrie’s friend also explained that there is some weird feeling that Gabby Petito’s boyfriend may actually still be alive. “Somehow he had enough time to get away.”

But the friend also said that with the discovery of the body, they don’t believe that Brian Laundrie is actually alive. 

The interview with Brian Laundrie’s friend comes just after Internet personality, Tana Mongeau, took to TikTok to share her own conspiracy theories about Laundrie’s disappearance and potential death. “I know Brian Laundrie is trying to pull a Joe Goldberg,” Mongeau stated, referring to the hit series ‘You.’


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Mongeau continues to share her thoughts about Laundrie’s death by stating, “I’m not joking. I genuinely think someone has placed there so that people would think the remains were him. Why were his remains found 24 hours after his parents started searching? Because he is not dead.”

Mongeau goes on to add that she guarantees that Laundrie is in Paris, France right now living his best life. 

Utah Police Department to Refund $3,000 in Fees that Were Collected From News Organizations Seeking Police Body Cam Footage of Brian Laundrie

The Independent reported on Friday (October 29th) that Moah, Utah police department is now refunding a total of $3,000. The funds were notably collected from news organizations that were seeking police body cam footage of Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito’s encounter with Moab law enforcement at the beginning of August 2021.

According to the media outlet, the city charged news organizations $98 for the video. But, much like police records and scanners, police body cam footage is on public records in the U.S. Therefore, news organizations are able to request these requests without any fees. 

Lisa Church, a spokesperson for the city, confirmed, “Even if one person were charged a fee once that document is created, everybody else should not have been charged.”

As previously reported, a bystander reported a domestic disturbance situation between Laundrie and his girlfriend while they were at a store together. Moab, Utah police ended up pulling them over to investigate the situation. 

During the encounter, Gabby Petito seemed emotionally distraught. Following the encounter, police separated her and Brian Laundrie for the night. The two then continued their road trip the next day. The last time Petito spoke to anyone was on August 25th. Laundrie returned to Florida at the beginning of September without Petito.