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Bring Flavortown To Your Halloween Party With the Official Guy Fieri Halloween Costume

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

Struggling to find a Halloween costume this year? Guy Fieri has you covered. Prepare to take a road rockin’ trip to Flavortown with this awesome costume.

You can dress up as the Mayor of Flavortwon himself, thanks to this officially licensed get-up on Guy Fieri’s website. Of course, it’ll cost a good chunk of your wallet, but some might find that easier than tracking down all the clothes and items that makeup Fieri’s ensemble.

Per the site, the $70 costume comes with “a matching button-up shirt and shorts, visor with replica wig, sunglasses, and face paint stick.” Sounds like the perfect ingredients to make your Flavortown Halloween dreams come true.

Earlier this month, a knock-off Guy Fieri costume from Spirit Halloween started going viral online. BroBible reports that the costume was apparently photoshopped, but it was still hilarious to see the off-brand costume called “Governor of Tasteville.”

The official Flavortown Twitter account, which runs the licensed store and posts hilarious memes about the cooking star, couldn’t believe the audacity of the fake costume. So, they used the viral meme to launch their own official Mayor of Flavortown costume. See the two looks for yourself in the tweet below.

“fine, we made our own so you can be @GuyFieri for Halloween,” the Flavortown account wrote.

Even the man himself commented on the new official costume. Guy Fieri shared the classic multiple Spider-Mans meme, only he dressed them up as himself and the Mayor of Flavortown costume.

“My flavor-senses are tingling with all these other mayors runnin’ around,” Fieri captioned the post. “New Mayor of @flavortown Halloween costume available now.” Can we just take a moment to imagine running into the real Guy Fieri while dressed up as Guy Fieri?

Fans Love the Official Guy Fieri Licensed Costume

People have been dressing up like Guy Fieri for years. But now, they can own officially licensed merch for Halloween or everyday purposes. Fans quickly took to Fieri and Flavortown’s Twitter to offer up their hot takes on the new costume.

“‘Halloween Costume’ Acting like I won’t wear that all year round,” one Twitter user commented.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time,” Twitter user Phoebe Svoboda wrote.

“Anyone have $70 handy?” another person asked.

Even fellow Food Network personality Nick DiGiovanni had something to say about the new Mayor of Flavortown look. DiGiovanni competed on Master Chef and now runs a foodie YouTube page. “Just made Halloween way too easy for me,” the cooking star said.

Other people shared their iconic homemade Guy Fieri costumes from years past. All of them feature the frosted tips hair, sunglasses, goatee, and in several cases, a black and flames shirt.

“No need fam, our homage to the Mayor,” one Twitter user said earlier.