Bubba Watson Door Dash Announcement: See All the Reactions Pouring in

by Jacklyn Krol
Bubba Wallace doordash sponsorship reactions

William Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. has secured an especially epic sponsorship deal with DoorDash. Not to mention, their partnership includes a redesign of his famous race car with their signature white and red colors.

The Reactions

Wallace himself was over the moon with the partnership. “Biggest deal, one of the things I’ve been praying for for a really long time,” Wallace told NBC Sports. “So these last couple weeks, we’ve announced a lot of new partnerships coming in — DoorDash, Columbia, Beats. I’m just a walking ambassador right now, but I love it. Very thankful for all these companies and organizations to want to be a part of this journey.”

Furthermore, Twitter users sounded off about the new sponsorship and new race car look. Surprisingly, the majority of opinions were positive. Fans are thrilled for the new design and expansion of the team.

See the reactions, below.