Bubba Wallace ‘Fired Up’ About New Sponsor

by Caroline Bynum

Even as financial uncertainty due to Covid-19 threatens corporations, Bubba Wallace continues to grow his collection of sponsorship deals. Thursday morning, Wallace announced his newest partnership with Kingsford.

Wallace uses barbecue puns to deliver the news, saying he is “fired to partner with @kingsford” and ready to “bring the smoke.” He rocks a blue “Ribs” ballcap in the featured video.

Kingsford replied to Wallace’s tweet, saying “Welcome to the Kingsford fam, @BubbaWallace 🔥”

Motorsports reporter Adam Stern reminds followers this is Wallace’s fifth sponsor in less than two months. This comes after the driver acquired deals with Beats by Dre, CashApp, Door Dash, and Columbia earlier this summer. Of course, another pun is included in this news, as Stern says, “Bubba Wallace is on fire.”

As always, Twitter users shared their thoughts on the situation, in light of Bubba Wallace’s recent political posts. Some we’re quite excited for the driver, telling him they were eager to continue supporting his sponsors.

Others were frustrated with hate Wallace was receiving in response to his new sponsor as well as his political opinions. These two users exchanged in accordance, saying “it pays to speak out.”

While some entertained the political side of it all, another user avoided the drama to say what we are all thinking…the “Ribs” hat is a need.