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Bubba Wallace Posts ‘Love Over Hate’ Photo and Social Media Reacts Immediately

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Brian Lawdermilk / Stringer / Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace has his followers and critics all talking after his latest snap on social media. The NASCAR driver posted a photo of himself in a T-shirt in which he promotes “Love Over Hate.”

The photo shows the No. 43 driver rocking a gray t-shirt and sunglasses while standing in front of a silver truck. Wallace uses the caption to share the message printed on his shirt. “LOVE over hate, LOVE over indifference, LOVE over ignorance, LOVE over ego, LOVE over fear, LOVE offer barriers, LOVE over borders, LOVE OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AGAIN!” Wallace writes. “Nice little reset, back on the grind!”

While Bubba Wallace likely intends to spread a positive message, some on Twitter took issue with the caption. Some offering criticisms responded to the tweet to slam him over the garage pull rope noose controversy. “Practice what you preach!” one user writes.

Others particularly criticized the part of the message that reads “Love over Barriers” and “Love over borders.” One user chimed in writing, “Love isn’t going to protect our borders, or the people u love, we need the police.” Another writes, “Take down the fence around your home and invite unknown people to stay with you, bet you’ll be changing your mind about borders and barriers.’


Bubba Wallace Posts “Love Over Hate” After Being Criticized by President Donald Trump

Wallace previously used the phrase “love over hate” after President Donald Trump slammed him on social media. In the beginning of July, President Donald Trump tweeted that Wallace should apologize over the garage rope pull noose controversy.

The President tweeted: “Has @BubbaWallace apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX? That & Flag decision has caused lowest ratings EVER!”

In response, Wallace responded by saying he chooses “love over hate.” The 26-year-old athlete shared the letter with his fans in order to encourage them even when someone tries to “knock you off your pedestal.”

“I encourage you to keep your head held high and walk proudly on the path you have chosen,” Wallace writes. “Never let anybody tell you can’t do something! God put us all here for a reason. Find that reason and be proud of it and work your tails off every day towards it!”