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Bubba Wallace Posts ‘Eyes Forward’ Photo, Reactions Come in

by Caroline Bynum
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

After not making the playoffs and emotionally tweeting out “What could’ve been. We’ll never know,” Bubba Wallace turns his eyes to the future. On Monday, he tweeted an image sporting a University of Tennessee mask and headphones by one of his sponsors, Beats By Dre. The caption reads, “Eyes forward.”

The driver has been the center of much social media attention in recent weeks following his public stance on Black Lives Matter. Because of Wallace’s controversial opinions, he constantly gets replies to his tweets showing intense support as well as aggressive disdain.

Some tweeted their continuing support, while others couldn’t help but comment on their dislike of the driver.

Though the “Eyes forward” tweet didn’t reference a political opinion, one Twitter user brought up his disappointment in Wallace’s differing point of view. However, a veteran tweeted his disagreement. He clarifies that because he fought for freedom, he thinks everyone should have the freedom of choice. He believes each citizen may choose their own approach to the National Anthem.

Another tweeted that while he wishes he could support Wallace, he struggles to understand the driver’s decisions in his actions towards the flag. He asks the driver to show “respect.” Firing back, another user puts in plainly, “Not until this country shows respect to POC.”

Further, one comment attacks Bubba Wallace, as well as his team. The reply calls Wallace a “no rate steering wheel holder” on a “last rate team.”

Continual Support for Bubba Wallace

Others gave their avid support for the driver, despite political controversy or disagreement. This user tweeted an image of a guitar decorated with Bubba’s #43, echoing Wallace’s caption.

It seems the biggest controversy for some is Wallace’s love for the University of Tennesse, rather than politics. One user tweeted about her disagreement with his mask decision, joking an SEC mask would’ve been a better bet. She adds, “Safe running to you!” to show her support.

Similarly, another mentioned that his Volunteers face mask was their differing opinion, not politics. This Georgia fan quips he likes him but draws the line at the Tennessee mask.