NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Reacts on Twitter After Wrecking Twice in Final Laps at Talladega

by Outsider

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace ended up running into the wall near the end of Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race.

During the Talladega event, with six laps left, he he ended up wrecking not one, but twice. First, he was able to hit the pit and refuel. Unfortunately, he had another wreck later on in the race.

His car turned around and he hit the wall once more. The crash ended up costing him the lead. Though he ended up failing, he took the loss in stride.

Wallace went to Twitter to share his thoughts on what happened.

“We came, we tried, we failed,” he wrote. “But damn it was a good day for our team! Fun leading some laps and learning a ton. Onto royal,” he concluded. Fans responded with their own thoughts on the race, offering support and words of confidence.

“Ya had me in tears when you took the lead. Lost my voice in the process lol,” one fan responded. “So proud of you and what your team were able to do today,” the fan continued.

Bubba Wallace recently detailed how he felt about NASCAR’s newly-released 2021 schedule. He’s never someone who minces how he feels for Twitter.

“Checks new 2021 schedule…Sees 6 road courses…#holdmybeer,” Wallace shared at the time alongside a fun meme.

Wallace will be leaving Richard Petty Motorsports in 2021.

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