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Bubba Wallace Puts Ryan Blaney on Blast, Twitter Loses It

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace fired shots at his friend Ryan Blaney on Twitter today. Twitter users are now replying to his tweet both praising and critiquing the driver.

One user replies that Wallace has ‘no remorse on Twitter,” referencing the drivers history of out-spoken tweets.

Many were originally shocked with the aggression, but soon realized the true anger was directed towards McDowell, not Blaney. They presume the tweet is referencing Wallace’s All-Star Race wreck in Bristol earlier this season. The wreck occurred 17 laps into the event when Michael McDowell seemed to turn Bubba Wallace into the wall, destroying Wallace’s car and his chances. Wallace was eliminated and later called McDowel “a joke” for the incident.

Moreover, many love the driver’s quip and visible personality. One even says “There has never been a better tweet,” about Wallace’s sass.

Twitter Users Agitated With One Another in The Replies

Other users poked fun at those who seemed to be commenting to just get a word in without any understanding NASCAR. One says the way some users respond just to add heat to the situation is telling of “where we are today in America,” adding his support for Bubba Wallace.

Another user mocks a commenter who uses the word “field” and a Despicable Me GIF.

Comments on the 2020 All Star Race Wreck

Of course, some add comments teasing Wallace about the All Star race that he seems to be mentioning. One comments an image of the Wallace’s bumper from the accident. The All-Star race bumper went on to raise $20,034 for charity following the race’s wreck.

One gives Wallace encouragement, telling him to move forward from previous incidents. The user writes, “

I get what ya mean, and you got a point. Just don’t let previous incidents from lesser talented drivers get to you man. Run your race and make The King proud as always. You got this Bubba 😎✊ “

Another writes bring Michael McDowell’s name fully into the conversation. One user says they are “paging” him, while another replies a subtle burn towards Bubba.

Another sarcastically writes, “hi bubba I was just wondering if maybe you’re still a little bit upset about the all star race.”

Bubba Wallace has been the center of NASCAR fans’ attention as of late, as he begins to narrow his search for his 2021 team. He announced his departure from Richard Petty Motorsports last week. Many fans are now guessing where the young NASCAR star may end up.