Bubba Wallace Tweets out ‘Jacob Blake’: See How NASCAR Fans Responded

by Caroline Bynum

Bubba Wallace has caused controversy after tweeting “#JacobBlake” August 24th. Jacob Blake is a Black man who was shot seven times in the back by a police officer in Wisconsin this weekend. Wallace’s tweet showed support and solidarity for now-paralyzed Blake.

The hashtag tweet came two hours after a quirky post by the NASCAR driver, saying “Anybody else love eating kosher dill spears, but hate having pickles on your sandwich? Loving eating cereal but hate milk by itself? Just me? 🧐” The silly tweet got nearly as many ‘likes’ as the serious, weighty tweet that shortly followed it.

Two hours following his connection with followers over their dislike of milk, Bubba caught backlash from those same people for his shorter, more political post. While the tweet was merely 11 characters, “#JacobBlake” caused NASCAR fans, drivers, and Twitter users to reply with their support or frustration with the driver’s post.