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Buccaneers’ Mike Evans Wears Hilarious T-Shirt After Win Over the Panthers

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans wore an interesting T-shirt in a post-game conference. The shirt had social media buzzing.

Initially the shirt’s message appeared to say “I Love My Wife”. But upon closer inspection, the shirt actually read “I love it when my wife lets me play video games.”

People on social media loved Evans’ shirt.

Mike Evans lead his team to victory.

During the night’s game, Evans helped lead his team to a victory against the Carolina Panthers. Evans suffered a hamstring injury last season. He’s been slow to recover during the off-season but performed well during the game. He received seven catches for 104 yards and also a touchdown.

“They covered that route great, but that throw was unbelievable, right in my stomach,” Evans told the Tampa Bay Times. “I had no choice but to catch it. Ball placement was perfect. They gave me some good looks where I’d get some easy catches and Tom took advantage of it.”

The Buccaneers beat the Panthers 31-17.

Quarterback Tom Brady also made his debut at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. He finished the game with 23 completions for 35 throws.

“Our execution was a little bit better. I think we’re still a long way from where we need to be,” Brady said after the game. “I think if we have the ability to make plays, consistency, dependability are going to be things that we really need. So, we’ve got to get back to work. Clock’s ticking on next week.”

While in college, Evans played for Texas A&M before going entering the NFL draft in 2013. Since then, Evans has played wide receiver for Tampa Bay. Throughout his career, Evans has scored 51 touchdowns and made 470 receptions, according to ESPN.

In 2016, Evans married his long-time girlfriend Ashli Dotson at a ceremony in Houston, Texas. The two share a daughter named Mackenzie.

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